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Thread: Too directional voices

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    Too directional voices

    It happens a lot that the volume of my NCO drops from full audible to near zero just when he makes a few steps in some direction or when he rotates like 30 degrees on the spot.
    Irritating to say the least.
    The NCOs keep the lines acting liker the should and all that, plus I happen to like my sarge, tough SOB that he is, 'cause he creates order around him.

    SO, voices of the sergeants should be omnidirectional, not just in a cone in front of them and attenuating at greater range.
    It'd be the equivalent of the sergeant shouting orders. Sure it'd mean more voice traffic to essentially all players in that firing line, but that is precisely what is needed, imho.

    Just don't apply this to any random NCO, make it available for ranks sergeant and up in one of the various companies, meaning players than spent some time in the game and were assessed competent by that unit's (server's) commander (owner). So the chance of bleary randoms is almost eliminated.

    Would not mind if I could hear and be heard at normal volume by someone next to me on the line.
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    oh, assume you're crouching and someone speaks towards you from 2 paces. You hear him perfectly. He advances one step to be neared to some chap a step behind you and you barely can hear him, though you should

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