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Thread: 4th Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, I, and Rowans Battery D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Purdue View Post
    Ingame/Forum Name: Jim Purdue
    Company Tool Name (if different):
    Timezone:US PST
    Nationality: American
    Age: 60
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable): KongSangChan
    Steam Profile Link:
    Accepted into 4th Texas I Company

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    Quote Originally Posted by SamEnfield View Post
    Ingame/Forum Name: SamEnfield
    Company Tool Name (if different):Sam Enfield
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable):se92672
    Steam Profile Link:

    I am an experienced RL Civil War Re-enactor and had 3 ancestors who served ( and died) in The Crockett Five Shooters of the 4th Texas. They were my great grandfather's 3 elder brothers.
    Accepted into 4th Texas I Company

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    I have sent both of you gentlemen a private message with the link to our discord (you will have to download the free computer app from which is the platform we use for voice communications. Once you are there we can walk you through the rest of the process (it doesn't take long).

    Welcome to I Corps!

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    4th Texas has passed the 170 registered members mark today! Yeee Yeee!

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    Ingame/Forum Name:Redd
    Company Tool Name (if different):
    Nationality:Japanese American
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable):Redd
    Steam Profile Link:

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    Ingame/Forum NameodgeInvictus
    Timezone:Mountain Standard Time
    Steam Gamer Tag: Dodge
    Steam Profile Link:

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    Both applications approved an officer from F Company will be reaching out to you shortly. Welcome to I Corps!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeefNDorf View Post
    Application accepted, assigned to 4th Texas Company I. PM sent with discord info.

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    Updated for H Company joining 4th Texas!

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