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Thread: 4th Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, I, and Rowans Battery D

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    4th Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, I, and Rowans Battery D

    Welcome to the 4th Texas Infantry Regiment

    The 4th Texas Infantry Regiment is a full member of Walker's Division together with the 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters B, 6th Georgia, and Brockenborough's Artillery.

    The Fourth Texas Infantry was one of the three Texas Civil War regiments in the Texas Brigade of Gen. Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia. In 1861 Governor Edward Clark established a camp of instruction on the San Marcos River in Hays County. The first units that later formed the Fourth Texas Infantry enlisted there in April 1861. Originally the Texans planned to enlist for a period of one year, but after the outbreak of war at Fort Sumter on April 12, 1861, the Confederate government announced that it would accept only regiments enlisted for the duration of the war. In July 1861 twenty companies of Texas infantry were transferred to a camp near Harrisburg and promptly shipped to Virginia. Soon after their arrival in Richmond the Texas units were officially organized into regiments, on September 30, 1861. The ten companies that made up the Fourth Texas were Company A, the Hardeman Rifles, recruited in Gonzales County; Company B, the Tom Green Rifles, Travis County; Company C, the Robertson Five Shooters, Robertson County; Company D, the Guadalupe Rangers, Guadalupe County; Company E, the Lone Star Guards, McLennan County; Company F, the Mustang Greys, Bexar County; Company G, the Grimes County Greys; Company H, the Porter Guards, Walker County; Company I, the Navarro Rifles, Navarro County; and Company K, the Sandy Point Mounted Rifles, Henderson County.

    Throughout its existence 1,343 men were assigned to the Fourth Texas Infantry. Of that number 256 (19 percent) were killed or mortally wounded in battle. Another 486 men (35.9 percent) were wounded, many more than once, for the total number of wounds suffered by the regiment in four years of fighting amounted to 606. The total number of battle casualties suffered by the Fourth Texas Infantry was 909 (67.7 percent). The number of prisoners lost by the regiment was 162 (12 percent). Of the regiment, 161 died of diseases (11.9 percent), 251 (18 percent) were discharged due to sickness, wounds, etc., and 51 deserted (3 percent). At the time of its surrender the Fourth Texas mustered only fifteen officers and 143 men. Despite such heavy losses, or perhaps because of them, the Fourth Texas Infantry and its parent Texas Brigade won a reputation as one of the hardest fighting and most reliable units in the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia.

    Regimental Organization

    Commanding Officer: Colonel Django
    Executive Officer: Major Scalexer
    Sergeant Major: SgtMaj Gaunt

    A Company Commander: Colonel Django
    B Company Commander: Captain William Montgomery
    C Company Commander: Captain Ville
    D Company Commander: Captain Orion
    F Company Commander: Major Scalexer
    G Company Commander: Captain Twizzy
    H Company Commander: Lieutenant Colonel Mjtheko (Division Adc)
    I Company Commander: Major General Drax


    The Regiment currently runs events with the rest of Walker's Division on Saturdays and Sundays
    EU Events are held every Friday and Sunday at 3pm Eastern Time / 8pm GMT
    US Events are held every Saturday and Sunday Evening at 8pm Eastern Time

    Walker's Division

    Division Commander: Major General Drax

    4th Texas Infantry Regiment: COL Mystic
    6th Georgia Infantry Regiment: LTC Goondawg
    1st North Carolina Sharpshooters: CPT Quimby
    Brockenborough's Artillery: CPT George
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    Command Staff finalized with 4 month term of service for 4th Texas Infantry Regiment. Main thread updated.

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    4th Texas Company D recruiting! Join the big D today!

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    Active companies updated. Main thread edited.

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    I'm assuming I'm to reply here?

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    Not sure if you want a bio: Current Police Officer, South Australian Police (29yrs); ex-Australian Regular Army (Infantry (NCO); Ammunition Technical Officer (Capt); Officer instructor (field craft and melee combat) Australian army Field Force Battle School, Tully North Queensland (jungle warfare battle familiarisation and practical training).

    If you want anything else, let me know, thanks.

    Applying for F Coy, 4th Texas. Tapped by Sgt Angles and Capt. Turansky.

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    Updated regimental roster for C Company returning from inactive.

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