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Thread: 4th Texas Infantry Regiment - Companies A, C, D, F, G, H, I, and Rowans Battery D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hidden Gunman View Post
    I'm assuming I'm to reply here?

    Ingame/Forum Name: Hidden Gunman
    Company Tool Name (if different): Hidden Gunman
    Timezone: Australian Central Standard Time
    Nationality: Australian
    Age: 58yrs
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable): Hidden Gunman
    Steam Profile Link:

    Not sure if you want a bio: Current Police Officer, South Australian Police (29yrs); ex-Australian Regular Army (Infantry (NCO); Ammunition Technical Officer (Capt); Officer instructor (field craft and melee combat) Australian army Field Force Battle School, Tully North Queensland (jungle warfare battle familiarisation and practical training).

    If you want anything else, let me know, thanks.

    Applying for F Coy, 4th Texas. Tapped by Sgt Angles and Capt. Turansky.
    Assigned to F Company, please check private message for instructions, welcome to the 4th!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slicknifty View Post
    Forum Name: Slicknifty
    Timezone: Central
    Nationality: Texan
    Age: 33
    Steam Gamer Tag: Slicknifty
    Steam Profile link:
    Assigned to I Company, please check private message for instructions, welcome to the 4th!

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    Updated Regiment roster to reflect Battery D of Rowan's Artillery.

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    Central Time
    DuxFulminata same as forum name

    Just got this game and thought it be cool if I could be in a Texas regiment as i ammmmm Texan :P Plus Hood's brigade was pretty badass getting kudos from Lee
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    Welcome! You are assigned to A Company; a company rep will contact you soon via steam!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Drax View Post
    Ingame/Forum Name:
    Company Tool Name (if different):
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable):
    Steam Profile Link:
    4th Texas Company D is always accepting new recruits! Message I-[4thTX.D] 1stLt. Admiral on Steam to get more info!

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    Rowans Battery D is looking for some red legs to sling some rounds at the yanks contact I-[4thTX.BtryD] 1stLt. dab201 on steam

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    Apr 2019
    San Antonio Texas
    Ingame/Forum Name: Blu2213
    Company Tool Name (if different):
    Timezone: U.S Central
    Nationality: American
    Age: 23
    Steam Gamer Tag (if applicable): Blu2213
    Steam Profile Link:

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    Bolivar Heights Redoubt

    4th Texas F company wants you!

    4th Texas F company of the 1st Corps wants you! We are still recruiting actively and 1st Corps runs events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
    (We generally muster at 1930hrs and events starts at 2000hrs)

    We are well on our way to be the premier Confederate formation, consistently managing to field around 50 men for events against Venerated Union Regiments.
    Form up under extremely competent officers like our own Capt Turansky and our Regimental CO Col. Drax.

    I personally love the Company F and the Corps as a whole because I was tired of serving under sub par officers in normal war of rights games. We've all been there under officers who call out repeatedly silly charges against an entrenched enemy. Well bid goodbye to that and join the Fighting 4th Texas D company, a place to call your own.
    Feel free to add me :
    Cpl. Friendbeard ( )

    or apply to our company using the Company tool available on War of Rights website and Look up 4th Texas F company

    Find a whole different aspect to War of Rights by joining a Regiment!
    It doesn't give you more obligations, just doubles the fun!
    All you need in that warmth in your heart and a loaded gun in your hands.

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    Elections have taken place and Colonel Drax retains position of Regimental Commander and Major Turansky is now the Regimental Executive Officer

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