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Thread: 4th Rhode Island Infantry Company A

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    4th Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 1st Battalion (Company A & D)

    4th Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 1st Battalion (Company A, C & D)

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    Rhode_Island_Insignia.jpgWe are a disciplined, well-trained and organized EU based unit for War of Rights. Our Officers and NCOs are skilled and experienced, having served in multiple regiments in different games in the past. The 4th Rhode Island will always be ready to work together with other units on the battlefield to ensure victory, or go down trying. Even though we are EU based, anyone who can attend our trainings and events is welcome to join the 4th Rhode Island Company A (the schedule is listed below

    We train to grow as individuals, improve as a company and strengthen as a unit. But we will always work together to keep the game fun and interesting for everyone involved. This comes with maintaining a good atmosphere and, of course, some good old-fashioned banter. We will always underline the value of freedom and ability to believe, think and say what you want, but we will NOT condone bullying of any kind. Our unit is a mix of different nationalities, individuals and beliefs and we want every single one to enjoy their time with the 4th Rhode Island Regiment Company A.



    Major Anti
    Within approximately a year I’ve quickly worked my way through the ranks within the 95th NY in War of Rights. For the last six months I have been a captain of their company B with well over twenty members under my leadership—leading them not only during trainings, but also during battle. However, I had decided that it was time for me to take a new direction, to start a new challenge; this was the birth of the 4th Rhode Island. Though a step into the unknown for me, I am proud of all members of the regiment and what we have achieved so far. And I hope that my leap of faith inspires you to do the same. See you on the battlefield!

    1st Lieutenant Baron

    1st LT1.jpg 2nd Lieutenant Checkerz
    Born a Dutchy—and proud of it—I have had months of experience as an Ordnance and First Sergeant within another well-organized unit in War of Rights. I will dedicate myself not only to the unit, but to every single (enlisted) member placed under my wing. This means I will do my best to help anyone who asks me to. My strength lies within my communication skills, ability to reflect and my great sense of humour. Though our Captain might sometimes disagree with me on the latter.

    Quartermaster Sergeant Orion
    A tea drinking Brit, currently living near Oxford and working for CAE on helicopter simulators. Known for sharp shooting and an even sharper wit. Been playing War of Rights for about a year and can't wait until they improve the melee for them nice up-close personal battles—cause whodoesn’t like a good stabbing? That sounds creepy... Anywho, catch you out there!
    Sergeant Gamer
    Born 9th of October 1999, I started playing War of Rights in 2018. I’m learning as an NCO every day and value myself for being friendly and respectful towards other players. I'm good at improvising and have had experience in leading my own team within a different game. My goal is to become a good leader, someone a soldier can rely on, and to have the backs of my friends and allies.



    The 4th Rhode island Infantry was organized in Providence in 1861 (on October 30th), and served until 1864 when the old members were mustered out (on October 15th) and the Veterans and Recruits were consolidated with the 7th Rhode Island Infantry.
    4th Rhode Island was attached to the 2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Army Corps (1861-1863) and 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division, 9th Army Corps (1863-1864) of the Army of the Potomac.

    During the war, the regiment lost 5 officers and 68 Enlisted men killed or mortally wounded, and 67 Enlisted men by disease (total of 140 men).

    2nd Brigade, 3rd Division, IX Corps


    4th Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry Regiment Schedule is listed below.

    Friday - 20:00 GMT | 21:00 CET | 3 pm EST [BOOTCAMP]
    Sunday - 20:00 GMT | 21:00 CET | 3 pm EST [BOOTCAMP]

    Friday - 20:00 GMT | 21:00 CET | 3 pm EST [EVENT]
    Sunday - 20:00 GMT | 21:00 CET | 3 pm EST [EVENT]


    1. Add our Officers on Steam*
    *by clicking on the images below

    Major Anti (Battalion CO)

    1st Lieutenant Baron (Company D CO)

    2. Join our Discord Server*
    *by clicking on the Discord icon/logo below

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    Good Luck from the 65thIL Co. A&B

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    Thank you!

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    Glory to the 4th Rhode Island, honored to serve Captain

    Captain Spectre
    5th U.S. Battery C

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    Glad to have you with us Speckles!

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    USA Captain

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    Jan 2018
    Honoured and glad to be part of the 4th Rhode Island gents. I hope all of our previous experiences and visions will ensure future success. I am looking forward to working together with everyone and, of course, with other units.

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    Welcome to the team Checkerz!

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    Oxford, UK
    Hello there!

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    How's it going budd

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    Good luck from the 72nd Pennsylvania

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