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Thread: FOV Exploit

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    You could presumably bind a key to it if not. Low graphics is enough of an exploit as it is. I had to play that way for over a year and it makes a striking difference.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lightfoot View Post
    Unless you can flip FOV at will within game it will not be useable as far as I can see. Which isn't very far without my glasses.
    You almost can. I tested this exploit, and it's possible to switch FOV settings in about 3 seconds. Not going to say how (since it's obviously an exploit and not to be used), but if the devs are interested I'll let them know how.

    The other thing I noticed was that it's still hard to shoot. The low FOV almost makes it worse to aim.
    Quote Originally Posted by Leifr View Post
    Lock FOV at 90 and call it a day, I suppose?
    God, please no. 50 is better.


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    Lock it, as it grants too much of an advantage on some static maps (that bridge crossing, for example, half the game you sit crouched behind that fence or up on the hill).
    Or disclose to anyone those default Crytech FOV commands.
    Though a slight zoom on aiming would be nice to have (not binocular power, something lower, I believe that was the reason it was not implemented already).
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    Sorry but it can be key bound it needs to be locked. Can Campfire games weigh in on this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRaider View Post
    Sorry but it can be key bound it needs to be locked. Can Campfire games weigh in on this?
    Thanks for the report.

    It's a standard engine feature that will be locked within an update or two.

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    Just to exemplify, here are 3 selections from 3 screenshots, taken at FOV 50, 66 and 80, from the same spot on the same object
    FOV WoR.jpg
    At FOV 30 the circles would be as big as the wooden part. Even so, the allowed range of FOV allows for too much of an advantage, from mid to 50, the target is 20% bigger.
    Add some humongous TFT screen and the displayed image is even bigger. Perhaps size on screen (pixels divided by dpi) could be further regulated?
    Something to be considered, I guess
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    yea they need to lock the fov to 70(default) for everyone so that people canot just go in option and change fov to snipe . I like to know if there anything that will be done about this ?

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    I'm on 65 / minimum FOV on a 21.5" monitor and I can barely see anything. 50 FOV helped a bit but it's still very hard to see through the foliage.

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