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Thread: Shooting through or near objects

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    Shooting through or near objects

    When shooting through some objects (like the spokes of the wheel of a cannon), though I see the enemy well enough, I get a sort of puff smoke on the cannon, as if my shot hit it and did not pass through as it should have. Have checked this several times, even allowing more space than needed on all sides. My barrel would have been between those spokes but not touching any.

    Also, firing at a visible torso of someone reloading behind a tree, usually misses. The enemy is partially obscured by tree (about 60% hidden) but the distance is small (maybe 20 yards). I usually took several shots in such situations, just to confirm it's a bug. It seems to be a bug, maybe the tree hitmask protrudes more than the visible part and stops bullets?

    While on the subject (also related), a man standing behind a full height fence is hidden about 50%, meaning my shots should score about 50% less hits when firing at those targets. Taking into account my matches so far, that is certainly not the case. Shots fired center mass have no discernible effect, I do not see my targets dropping or a free spot where I aimed in those situations, statistically speaking. Actually, I see no reason to fire at people behind wood fences, other than supressing them. On this last point, I would really like details (is hit percentage based)?
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    I bitched about both of these before. I think it's improved from the past but I do feel that there still is some room for improvement when it comes to firing near trees and some increased penetration for fences would be great - it often feels like it's smarter to save a shot if there's any chance of hitting someone whose not protected behind a wretched fence. Also had some crazy misses at people who are near trees or when I'm firing near a tree. It leads me to step a little further out before firing now.

    Fences are making a cameo in my next video. fastyes.gif

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    Those damn trees have like a invisible shield when someone is next to it, but than of course when i'm next to one or almost hidden behind it, i get plugged instantly.

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