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Thread: Server Passwords

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fancy Sweetroll View Post
    I am sure there are various posts in this thread about why you actually want password protected servers, though from a quick glance, I couldnt find any such posts.

    I would be interested to see a list of various reasons why you want password protected servers, ranked after why you want it the most.

    Reason 1:

    Reason 2:

    Reason 3:

    Reason 4:

    For many of the reasons, password protected servers might not be the best way to go about it.

    The suggestion about defining who can always pick the Officer or NCO class on a server is excellent.

    Also for the server being full when an event is about to start. Could probably also look into having another file where you can define various SteamIDs and these SteamIDs can then always join the server regardless of the server being full. Then we either kick a player from the server who is not present in that file, or we allow the server to overflow a bit, so even if the server cap is 150, it could go to 175, but as long as the server is above 150 players. Players whose SteamID is not present in that file, would be unable to join. Could potentially also allow players who are present in that file, to always be allowed to change team with no autobalancing enforced on them.
    As someone who doesn't often participate in discussions in the forum, I would still like to comment on this topic and give my feedback to the developers. In my opinion, this topic is a central point for many players and units, and has been discussed from the beginning. I think it can only help the game to introduce password-protected servers and I'm sure it would bring the game forward.

    Reason 1: War of Rights puts a lot of work into historical accuracy, details and game mechanics that should allow the best possible simulation of the American Civil War. The nature of an online game is, of course, that players are on the servers who have a different interpretation of the game and don't want to be integrated into the fixed structure of the game and the units that want to take full advantage of the game's capabilities to achieve the best possible Civil War experience. Password-protected servers would allow the Company's to plan and host events as many of the long-established, history-focused units have always wanted.

    Reason 2: Some units have had very bad experiences with Randomes in events over time. Trolling, Rambos wasting tickets and deliberate teamkills, as well as disputes about playable classes have not only caused many players but also whole units to either ignore the Skirmish mode or even temporarily stop playing. Here only the possibility to organize events on password-protected servers, with selected units and a worked out battle plan, can motivate Company's and of course quite a few players again and or even bring back into the game.

    Reason 3: Password protected servers would allow the use of experimental mechanics. At closed events, the companies rely on mutual discipline and adherence to agreements made to govern each other on the battlefield. Game mechanics could be introduced, such as the availability of three instead of just two regiments per skirmish area, raising officer limits, or customizing tickets per team, which would be highly controversial under normal circumstances.

    I hope the feedback is helpful and helps to improve the game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    Hello again everyone!

    We've now been monitoring the daily gameplay actvity for several days after the, very vocal, community request in regards to adding password protected servers.

    I'm happy to say that we are now feeling confident in adding this to the game in the near future - yes you read that right.

    We've come to this conclusion after your requests kickstarted an internal investigation of just what kind of players are actually the ones that primarily keeps the game servers populated on a day to day basis. We have found that roughly 20-30 percent of daily players (in the weekdays) are company players while 80 to 70 percent are non company players.

    Our biggest gripe/issue/doubt/fear with the introduction of password protected servers was the potential for its introduction to severely hurt our daily play activities, resulting in less new players joining the game, resulting in a downward spiral of the entire project.

    Actually noting just how many non company players are out there, keeping the public servers alive each day compared to the percentage of company players has given us confidence in that bringing on password protected servers will only do minimal damage to the daily public activity at the very worst possible predicted outcome (an outcome where all company players exclusively play on locked servers).

    Why did we not come to this conclusion much sooner you may ask - and it'd be a fair question indeed.

    We have had internal discussions and doubts of passworded servers for as long as I can remember within the dev team. There are people for and against both things. I think the main reason for us to have tread as carefully as we have done in regards to implementing password protection is due to the fact that some of our community mentality is still rooted in the 2 year period pre early access we come from. A period where company events were the sole thing pushing the development and the community forward.

    We never doubted that companies are a huge part of the game and so we did not even think to look at the actual statistics for the daily activity in regards to how many company members and how many non company members are playing. We just figured "companies are hugely important to us and the game - they were the only ones around during the last two years so naturally they dominate the playing field in terms of sheer numbers every single day on early access also".

    Instead, it seems that the companies have actually already made much of the community split (which is natural being in a clan/company, wanting to organize and play as a team at event hours, etc) we dreaded and the game is still populated enough by mostly the public players in the off-event days.

    Yes, I realize some of you will be facepalming right now - as would we if we thought us making this change in direction due to the data-backed elimination of the nr 1 issue we took with the prospect of passworded servers was something that would be hurting the game. Instead, we're happy to have come to this realization (better late than never) as we believe it is the best for the game and we will always stick to what we believe is the best for the game.

    I'd like to thank the people engaging in a constructive way in this thread to get us to look into this. I, however, also regret the tone between myself and other community members getting as bad as it did - I would like to apologize for my part in making it so.

    We currently have no ETA for when the feature will be available but I would be surprised if it'll take more than a few weeks at most.

    - Trusty
    Thank you!

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    man that spiraled out of control didn't it

    good to see we're getting passwords finally
    The chances are by the time you have finished typing a long response to my post, I have changed half of the original post.

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    Thank you Trusty. I'm glad we could come to a compromise.
    Texan's always move'em.

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    Thanks Trusty, excellent reply and thank you for your honesty; speaking for my unit, we appreciate it!

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    Trusty, thanks for your interaction and candour. Please don’t let the hotheads dissuade you from future discussions in the forum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    Hello again everyone!


    I'd like to thank the people engaging in a constructive way in this thread to get us to look into this. I, however, also regret the tone between myself and other community members getting as bad as it did - I would like to apologize for my part in making it so.


    - Trusty
    I believe the 'tone' in certain threads is more on how certain people perceive or interpret written text without fully grasping the context or original mindset.
    People also have a certain flair/way which can differ entirely due to personal style/culture …
    Many people on the forum are passionate about their vision or ideas which can make them entrenched and leading to a defensive or offensive posture.

    My post was definitely not ment as any form of personal reprimand but rather an attempt to 'ease the tension and let people do some reflection' in order to return to a healthy communication.
    It addressed Trusty but it also addressed the community (including myself) to stimulate further progress.
    The forums are just a part of the community and alas some other voices (positive & negative) aren't always heared.

    Sure there is some complaining/fatigue but we are making progress in gamemodes, maps, bugfixes, player count …
    This is a "niche" game in the oceans of games and luckily there are some diehard fans out there.

    I hope events are more manageable and some events bring pubbies & regiments closer together.
    I write for my personal account and from personal experience, unless stated otherwise.

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    Actual topic

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    Just a headsup that a passworded server implementation might take a while longer.

    Our new UI Engineer sadly left us after only being with us for roughly a month in order to relocate to an offered job in Finland. This means we currently lack the skillset to make this happen (at least properly) on the team.

    - Trusty

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    ... that`s one way to put it.

    Well I and I know a big portion of the community hopes for a reinforcement on the team, to get to passworded servers asap.

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