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Thread: 8-3-2019 Forty-Second Field Report: Picket Patrol Released!

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Cooley View Post
    LMAO ... small groups of Rambos not working together is NOT a formation, is nothing new nor is it helpful.
    Bum rushing to houses and hunkering down to wait out the timer is such a change from bum rushing to a fence line or specific set of rocks, hunkering down and waiting out the timer.
    Yeah this mode is so different, unique and enjoyable.

    Well, it isn't all bad I suppose ... we can still head back to Drill Camp and oooo and aaaah over muddy footprints like before this 'game changing' patch. /facepalm
    You can shoot through their cover, Cooley. Hardly a difficult tactic lmao.

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    LOL yeah realism at its finest.

    Well I do like to give credit where it is due so ...
    CG has helped my understand my ancestor a bit better.

    Three times he returned home during the War of Secession (once on leave and twice paroled by the enemy) and when family asked him how the war was progressing his reply was ...
    We are doomed. We will fight to the bitter end but we, sadly, will not prevail.
    How can we when every soldier, from Junior Officer on down, knows that the tactics of last century cause slaughter and defeat but Higher Command is entrenched in their delusion that "it will work the next time"?

    Thanks guys.
    My Great Great Grandfather, Isaac MacDonal Cooley, served as a Pathfinder Cavalry Scout
    in the 1st Arkansas Cavalry Regiment (Dobbin's) Company K
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    My Credo is a simple one ... Unit before Self with Honor above ALL else.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
    You can shoot through their cover, Cooley. Hardly a difficult tactic lmao.
    Give this mode a chance....when its on private servers and we can set rules(like no house hiding) it sets up for a real strategic fight.

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    Interesting play mode. Timer seems a bit long. Getting killed by a quick trolling team kill, desertion, or just getting hit early on sucks to have to wait up to 15 mins until map resets. I've heard people map should only be 5 mins, but I think 10 mins seems like a reasonable time for the map to reset. Long enough to force people to get into action, but not so demoralizing to have to wait a 1/4 hour to get back in the fray.

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    Add burning down houses ;3

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