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Thread: *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*

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    *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*


    1. Have a forum page setup and are active on the forums here.
    2. Have a consolidated company of at least 10 different members on company tool and maintain it.
    3. Have at least 10 different players active in game at once represented with tags(screenshot of in-game player tab)
    4. If requesting to add Corps/Division/Brigade must have active forum page and be an organization not a gaming group.

    Active CSA Corps and Brigades
    II Corps - MajGen. Paioletti, LtCol. Redleader
    Walker's Division - MajGen. Drax, LtCol. Mjtheko
    Jenkins' Brigade - Col. Walsh, LtCol. Dishonor
    Kershaw's Brigade - Maj. Gerry O'Hara

    Active CSA Regiments
    6th Alabama - Col. Antastadkiwi
    8th Alabama - Cpt. Schimmelfennig, 1st Lt. Harris (Part of German Volunteers)
    3rd Arkansas - Maj. Wilson, Cpt. Verlock (Part of Walker's Division)
    8th Florida - Cpt. R. Hogg, 1stLt. P. Poleha, 2ndLt. H. Hoffmann (Part of the United European Community)
    1st Georgia - Col. Vulcarin
    6th Georgia - LtCol. GoonDawg (Part of Walker's Division)
    18th Georgia - Col. Benelli
    6th Louisiana - LtCol. Redleader, Maj. Cleburne (Part of II Corps)
    14th Louisiana - Cpt. Shoshibo
    18th North Carolina (German speaking) - Maj. Von Winkler, 1st Lt. Mallow (Part of The German Volunteers)
    21st North Carolina - Cpt. Vaesen, 2nd Lt. BlackKnight (Part of the United European Community)
    2nd South Carolina 'Palmetto' - Maj. Gerry O'Hara (Part of Kershaw's Brigade)
    2nd South Carolina Cavalry A - Maj. Gerry O'Hara, Cpt. Thomas (Part of Kershaw's Brigade)
    5th South Carolina - Maj. Crohnx (Part of Jenkins' Brigade)
    6th South Carolina - LtCol. Dishonor (Part of Jenkins' Brigade)
    14th Tennessee - Cpt. Spades
    1st Texas - LtCol. Saris
    4th Texas - Col. Django, Maj. Scalexer (Part of Walker's Division)
    8th Virginia - Col. Bocephus
    19th Virginia - Col. CrazyHawk LtCol. Purge
    22nd Virginia - Cpt. Underdog, 1stLt Jack Stone
    56th Virginia - Cpt. Slaughter (Part of The German Volunteers)
    Cobb's Legion - Maj. Robert
    Hampton's Legion - Cpt. Orion (Part of Walker's Division)
    Jefferson Davis Legion G - Cpt. Broos
    Palmetto Sharpshooters E - Cpt. Gunner
    Brockenborough's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. George (Part of Walker's Division)
    Rowans Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Tea
    Cokes Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Danish
    Garden's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Tobias Hernandez (Part of Kershaw's Brigade)

    Active USA Corps and Brigades
    IX Corps - BrigGen. Emerson
    Irish Volunteer Brigade - Col. Collector (Part of II Corps)

    Active USA Regiments
    1st Maine aka 1st Cav (dismounted cav) - Maj. Staples, Cpt. Crum, Cpt. robbey (Part of TNA)
    6th Maine - Cpt. Timo
    1st Massachusetts (dismounted cav) - Maj. Park (Part of V Corps)
    28th Massachusetts - Cpt. Mikkel (Part of IX Corps)
    1st New Jersey - Cpt. Mihaly (Part of V Corps)
    2nd New Jersey - Maj. Crazyize, Cpt. Lucky Lad
    4th New Jersey - Lt Col. Moose, Maj. Rud
    9th New York (Zouaves) - LtCol. Red (Part of IX Corps)
    20th New York (German speaking) - Cpt. Weber, 2nd Lt. Kaiser (Part of German Volunteers)
    23rd New York - Lt Col. Deckhart (Part of TNA)
    39th New York (Italian speaking) - Cpt. Davide, 1st Lt. Blue Fox
    (part of the United European Community)
    52nd New York (German speaking) - Cpt. Paul Frank
    (part of The German Volunteers)
    42nd Pennsylvania - Maj. Tindall *DO NOT add us to join, you will be rejected. Fill out this application form first and wait for response back* (Part of TNA)
    51st Pennsylvania - LtCol. Scoins (Part of IX Corps)
    1st U.S. Sharpshooters "Berdan's" - Maj. Winn
    5th US Cavalry - Maj. Johnson
    7th West Virginia (Russian speaking) - Maj. SUWAROW (Part of FA Brigade)
    7th Wisconsin - Cpt. Ulysses Grant (Part of TNA)
    Clark's Battery (Artillery) - 1stLt. Afton (Part of IX Corps)
    Cooper's Battery (Artillery) - 2ndLt. Stone

    If ANY commander or regimental recruiter wishes to have their steam profile url posted next to their regiment send me a pm on forum here with your steam profile address, then I can add them and all that a new recruit will have to do is click on the steam icon next to their name.
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    Huzzah !

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    Best wishes in this endeavour Drax.

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    Best wishes in this endeavour Drax.

    Thread stickied.
    Thanks Leifr!

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    Good Luck Drax Also Reese is no longer Major Starwars is and soon will be a new thread as i'm working on it for them i'll update you with the new thread soon ofc if ya need it

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    Thanks for continuing this!


  7. #7 here is the New Forum Drax i'll try to keep it up to date as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben H. Phillips View Post here is the New Forum Drax i'll try to keep it up to date as possible
    65th Illinois Infantry updated 3/21/19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Drax View Post
    65th Illinois Infantry updated 3/21/19
    Thanks bro

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    Updated 3/24/2019 for adding Philip's Legion and 3rd Arkansas to active CSA Regiments
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