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Thread: *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*

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    *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*


    1. Have a forum page setup and are active on the forums here.
    2. Have a consolidated company of at least 10 different members on company tool and maintain it.
    3. Have at least 10 different players active in game at once on a monthly basis represented with tags(screenshot of in-game player tab)
    4. If requesting to add Corps or Brigade must have active forum page and be an organization not a gaming group.

    Active CSA Corps and Brigades
    II Corps - MajGen. Paioletti, LtCol. Redleader
    Walker's Division - MajGen. Drax, LtCol. Mjtheko
    Jenkins' Brigade - Col. Walsh, LtCol. Dishonor

    Active CSA Regiments
    6th Alabama - Col. Antastadkiwi
    8th Alabama - Cpt. Schimmelfennig, 1st Lt. Harris (Part of German Volunteers)
    15th Alabama - Maj. Dimebag, Cpt. Gman, 1st Lt. Cajun
    3rd Arkansas - Maj. Wilson, Cpt. Verlock (Part of Walker's Division)
    8th Florida - Cpt. R. Hogg, 1stLt. P. Poleha, 2ndLt. H. Hoffmann (Part of the United European Community)
    1st Georgia - LtCol. Vulcarin
    18th Georgia - Col. Polock, Maj. Benelli
    6th Louisiana - LtCol. Redleader, Maj. Cleburne (Part of II Corps)
    14th Louisiana - Cpt. Shoshibo
    18th North Carolina (German speaking) - Maj. Von Winkler, 1st Lt. Mallow (Part of The German Volunteers)
    21st North Carolina - Cpt. Vaesen, 2nd Lt. BlackKnight (Part of the United European Community)
    2nd South Carolina - SgtMaj. Lutthor (Part of Jenkins' Brigade)
    5th South Carolina - Maj. Crohnx (Part of Jenkins' Brigade)
    6th South Carolina - LtCol. Dishonor (Part of Jenkins' Brigade)
    14th Tennessee - Cpt. Spades
    1st Texas - LtCol. Saris, Maj. Ray
    4th Texas - Col. Goondawg, Maj. ShamusJones (Part of Walker's Division)
    5th Texas - LtCol. James
    8th Virginia - Col. Bocephus
    19th Virginia - Col. CrazyHawk LtCol. Purge
    33rd Virginia - Cpt. Hound4 (Part of MoV)
    Cobb's Legion - Maj. Gerry O'Hara, Cpt. Famas
    Jefferson Davis Legion G - Cpt. Broos
    Palmetto Sharpshooters E - Cpt. Gunner
    Troup's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Úlfur, 1st Lt. Valk, 1st Sgt. Cooley
    Brockenborough's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. George (Part of Walker's Division)
    Rowans Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Tea
    Cokes Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Spud
    Pelham's Battery (Horse Artillery) - Chaplain Bradley

    Active USA Corps and Brigades
    V Corps - BrigGen. Murray, 1st Lt. Mihaly
    IX Corps - BrigGen. Tyler, Col. Emerson
    Irish Volunteer Brigade - Col. Beno, Lt Col. Collector

    Active USA Regiments
    1st Maine aka 1st Cav (dismounted cav) - Maj. Staples, Cpt. Crum, Cpt. robbey (Part of TNA)
    6th Maine - Cpt. Timo
    1st Massachusetts (dismounted cav) - Maj. Park (Part of V Corps)
    28th Massachusetts - Cpt. Kurtz (Part of IX Corps)
    1st New Jersey - 1st Lt. Mihaly (Part of V Corps)
    2nd New Jersey - Maj. Crazyize, Cpt. Lucky Lad
    4th New Jersey - Lt Col. Dan Hagman, Cpt. Rud (Part of FA Brigade)
    9th New York (Zouaves) - Maj. Red (Part of IX Corps)
    20th New York (German speaking) - Cpt. Weber, 2nd Lt. Kaiser (Part of German Volunteers)
    23rd New York - Lt Col. Deckhart (Part of TNA)
    39th New York (Italian speaking) - Cpt. Davide, 1st Lt. Blue Fox
    (part of the United European Community)
    52nd New York (German speaking) - Cpt. Paul Frank, 2nd Lt. A.Fritz (part of The German Volunteers)
    42nd Pennsylvania - Maj. Tindall *DO NOT add us to join, you will be rejected. Fill out this application form first and wait for response back* (Part of TNA)
    51st Pennsylvania - Maj. Mercenary (Part of IX Corps)
    7th West Virginia (Russian speaking) - Maj. SUWAROW (Part of FA Brigade)
    7th Wisconsin - Cpt. Ulysses Grant (Part of TNA)
    2nd U.S. Sharpshooters (Berdan's) - Maj. Winn, Cpt. Clark (Part of TNA)
    Porter's Battery (Artillery) - Cpt. Diablog, 1stLt Tuck (Part of V Corps)
    Clark's Battery (Artillery) - 2ndLt. 3ChinKim (Part of IX Corps)

    If ANY commander or regimental recruiter wishes to have their steam profile url posted next to their regiment send me a pm on forum here with your steam profile address, then I can add them and all that a new recruit will have to do is click on the steam icon next to their name.
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    Huzzah !

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    Best wishes in this endeavour Drax.

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    Best wishes in this endeavour Drax.

    Thread stickied.
    Thanks Leifr!

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    Good Luck Drax Also Reese is no longer Major Starwars is and soon will be a new thread as i'm working on it for them i'll update you with the new thread soon ofc if ya need it

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    Thanks for continuing this!


  7. #7 here is the New Forum Drax i'll try to keep it up to date as possible

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben H. Phillips View Post here is the New Forum Drax i'll try to keep it up to date as possible
    65th Illinois Infantry updated 3/21/19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Drax View Post
    65th Illinois Infantry updated 3/21/19
    Thanks bro

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    Updated 3/24/2019 for adding Philip's Legion and 3rd Arkansas to active CSA Regiments
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