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Thread: *New List of Active Regiments in War of Rights*

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    Updated 02/04/2022 for Kershaw's Brigade and Garden's Battery

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    Hello there,

    Could you please update the 20th New York Infatry with the following:

    Name: 20th New York "Turner Battalion" (German speaking)

    Forum Link:
    Company Tool:
    Co. E:
    Co. A:
    Steam Group:

    Captain Weber has been promoted to Colonel, while Lt. Kaiser stepped down.
    Instead we have a new Captain Dragn and a new 2nd Lt. James (me).
    Furthermore, we are not part of the German Volunteers anymore.
    Instead we are part of the German Corps

    Could you also please use the green rank icons as the 20thNY wore green insignia. They considered themselves as Sharpshooters.

    Here are the Steam Profile links:
    Captain Dragn:
    2nd Lt James:

    Thank you very much in advance

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    Lord Drax, is it possible to update Kershaw's Brigade?

    Major Gerry O'Hara is become Colonel, Captain Tobias Hernandez is become Major.
    kershaw's brigade has been part of ii Corps Stonewall jackson for over a year

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