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Thread: Looking for EU Saturday event @ 7-10 PM GMT.

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    Looking for EU Saturday event @ 7-10 PM GMT.

    Me and my company would like to join, as title says, 7-10 PM GMT Saturday EU event.
    We can bring roughly 15 guys.
    Any available?

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    Hi DirtyJack,

    It might be easier to 'identify your company' and get an invite on the WoR steam officers chat for event coordination.
    The servers are public so anyone can join an event at their respective times.

    Good luck and hope to see you in event/match
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    My company is 39th New York, Company B. Garibaldi Guard.

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    Following up on the Above. Any Line-Battles happening?

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    Hi Dirtyjack!

    PM me your steam and I can hook you up with a good Saturday event if you would like. 8pm BST (British Summer Time as GMT is not in use) is the timing on it.

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    Dirty Jack, Im Major, shadowlorn of the 1st SC, and if your looking for a group for events Add me on steam (1st SC) Maj. Shadowlorn

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    Hey guys,

    I'm the 1st Lt for Company A of the 14th Brooklyn, the one Diplexheated reserved in 2015, we still have members who want to play but he hasn't done anything with it at all, so I took the liberty of making a new thread for us and seeing if we could get into EU events as most of us are EU. And was wondering if there are any in the coming weeks and if people would like to have us, we have around 10 active people that I can call upon to play.

    Thanks for your time.

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    When I was in I Corps we had Saturday events from 8PM to 10PM GMT. Try talking with Drax.
    PB-[19thVA.B] 1stSgt. Agentsvr

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    Yes we hold EU events between Friday and Saturday at 8pm BST, run by the 4thRI and I Corps respectively

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