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Thread: 2nd Florida Infantry, Co. B [Russian CSA Company]

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    2nd Florida Infantry, Pryor's Brigade [Russian CSA Company]

    About Us
    2nd Florida Infantry, Company B is the Russian regiment of the Confederate army at War of Rights. We are part of the Stonewall Jackson's II Corps.
    We are pleased to take part at War of Rights events. Our fighters are experienced and disciplined. We respect all regiments at War of Rights and we will be glad to conduct a joint training session or battle with your regiment!
    Our tag is II-[2ndFL]
    Colonel Green retired. The new Colonel of the 2nd Florida appointed Сol. Dornan.
    Our discord

    Our site
    2nd Florida on Company tools
    Col. Dornan's Steam
    Youtube channel


    2nd Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Jacksonville, Florida, in July, 1861. Its twelve companies contained men from Escambia, Columbia, Leon, Marion, Jackson, Alachua, St. Johns, Putnam, Hamilton, Nassau, and Madison counties. The regiment was soon ordered to Virginia and in April, 1862, had 530 effectives. It wasunattached in the fight at Williamsburg and under the command of General Garland at Seven Pines. Later it was assigned to General Pryor's, E. A. Perry's, and Finegan's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. The 2nd participated in many conflicts from the Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, then was active in the Petersburg siege south of the James River and around Appomattox. This unit was organized with 1,185 officers and men, reported 23 killed and 114 wounded at Gaines' Mill and Frayser's Farm, sustained 49 casualties during the Maryland Campaign, and had 3 killed and 29 wounded at Chancellorsville. At the Battle of Gettysburg it lost forty-two percent of the 242 engaged, and on April 9, 1865, it surrendered with 7 officers and 59 men. The field officers were Colonels Walter R. Moore, Edward A. Perry, Lewis G. Pyles, and George T. Ward, Lieutenant Colonel S. St. George Rogers, and Major G. W Call.

    Photo of the Florida state monument at Gettysburg around sunset

    • Wednesday: 7pm CEST - Drill
    • Friday: 9pm CEST - Friday EU Event
    • Saturday: 8pm CEST - Drill || 9pm CEST - Seven Days Battles Event

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    War of Rights chasing deserters [Eng SUB]

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    USA General of the Army

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.

    Welcome to the CSA!

    Good lookin group.

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    Thank you, General Hill!

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    Friday EU Event 04/12/19

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    Our "Seven Days Battles" Event 04/13/19. 30 vs 30.

    Union won 3-0.
    21st North Carolina, Co.A
    18th North Carolina, Co.A
    5th South Carolina, Co.D
    2nd Florida, Co.B
    88th New York, Co.A
    52nd New York
    20th New York, Co.E

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    CSA Captain

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    Den Haag / The Hague
    Looking forward to fight along side you guys.

    - Richmond Howitzers

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    Thanks to guys from the Richmond Howitzers Battalion for their cooperation. It was a very useful and interesting drill!

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