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Thread: Longstreet's I Corps (NA/EU)

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    Updated 04/26/2020 for updated organization charts due to 4th Texas election cycle.

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    Today on the 28th of April, Longstreet's I Corps celebrates the one year anniversary of it's creation! Many thanks to its members and regiments for the journey behind us and ahead of us! Yee Yee!
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    Congrats on one year!
    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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    Updated primary page formatting with steam links for Points of Contact 05/20/2020

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    How can I participate in this event?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hotjoe View Post
    How can I participate in this event?
    Contact one of the units on the first page of this thread to join one of our units to gain access to the scheduled events.

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    Updated 06/19/2020 for Corps elections. Beginning of new 6 month term.

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    Updated 06/25/2020 for activation of Bondurant's Battery (Alabama)

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    Updated 07/15/2020 for changes to organizational structure

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    Updated 07/24/2020 with changes to points of contact

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