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Thread: Walker's Division (NA/EU)

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    Smile Walker's Division (NA/EU)

    Walker's Division

    Walker's Division is a collection of regiments and units that have organized in and out of game for better coordination and play of the game at a competitive level. Walker's Division currently is comprised of the 4th Texas Infantry Regiment (Companies A, D, F, G, H, and I), 3rd Arkansas (Companies A & B), Hampton's Legion (Companies C & D), 6th Georgia (Companies A & G), 5th Texas Infantry Regiment (Companies B & G), Brockenborough's Artillery (Batteries A & 3), and 1st North Carolina Sharpshooters (Company B). Walker's Division has a unified rule system with a Charter and chain of command that inspires fair play and accountability in a non-toxic and drama-free environment.

    Major-General John George Walker was a Confederate general in the American Civil War. He served as a brigadier general under Stonewall Jackson and James Longstreet, before commanding the Texas Division unit in the Trans-Mississippi Department, known as Walker's Greyhounds for their speed and agility. He was ordered to disrupt U.S. Grant's supply-line opposite Vicksburg, Mississippi, but Grant had managed to cross to the East Bank, and Walker was reduced to minor operations, one of them agains

    Division Commander: Major General Drax


    In-Game Organization:

    Walker's Division is a collection of CSA regiments that have organized together to play in game. The following regiments may be utilized as points-of-contact:

    Division Commander: Major General Drax
    Division Aide de Camp: Lieutenant Colonel Mjtheko
    Division Adjutant: Captain Quimby

    4th TX Infantry Regiment: Col. Django
    6th GA Infantry Regiment:
    LtCol. GoonDawg
    1st NC Sharpshooters B: Cpt. Quimby
    Brockenborough's Artillery A & 3(Maryland): Captain George

    Saturday 8pm EDT
    Sunday 3pm EDT / 8pm GMT
    Sunday 8pm EDT
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    We were featured on Pixelated Apollo's Channel! Watch our cornfield battle with Pixelated below!

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    Good luck guys

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    Good luck!
    Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in!

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    Best of luck fella's!

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    Updated for 15th Georgia Infantry joining I Corps. Welcome gentlemen!

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    Good luck boys!
    4th Texas 'C' Company

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    With both wings present, I'm sure the CSA will be very successful in the Maryland Campaign
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