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Thread: Battalion Level Suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by brentcarter View Post
    You can implement requirements that will give you a curtain title.

    Have x amount of companies involved to get names: regiment -(Battalion)- brigade - (division - corps seems to big for the game but okay.. not against it)
    You could make regiments and have attached other branches.

    Example 3rd AL regiment + Attached such and such.
    So you don't mess up the name but have the organisation and visible connection possible in the company tool

    You can get a Legion included for the a-historical clans if they wish to be named as such.
    That'd work, I hadn't thought of a system that scales to the number of companies involved. Legions could be an organization like the type Ted E. Bear and Lenin are trying to set up; no direct chain of command etc.

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    So a automatic system where the company tool dictates your organisational name? I think that can work
    Suited for those who can and want to start a historical correct organisation, and a system for those groups who enjoy playing together although not historical in the same organisation, they will have a place in the company tool to get organized.

    Options for Leadership: By vote & By appointing a leader so people can choose which fits their play style

    Because someone needs to start a organisation it would be wise to have a Company Captain starting a organisation to set up the rules about:
    - Voting or appointing a leader
    - How will companies be able to enter? Does every company initially involved agree that a new company can join?

    Example:: 1st Texas A B C D are friendly with each other they start up a battalion/regiment. Company K wants to join. A B C agree with company K to be aboard but company D does not like the guys in company K.
    How will that work?

    - Allow other branches to be Attached. Example 6th Louisiana regiment (attached 1st Virginia Cavalry B)
    So 1st VA Cav. will fight under the 6th LA regimental banner in the company tool.

    Legion besides the historical Legion's this setting could also be used for A-historical mixed branches wanting to team up.  685
    I-Corp 2nd Brigade

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
    Forgive me if this has been suggested, as I'm at work and unable to read much at the time, but my suggestion would be that a single company can "muster" a battalion, name it whatever they like, and then any interested parties can join. Once the battalion reaches 3 or so companies, it musters and becomes a full fledged organization.
    This is a really good idea, and I think that this is definitely the direction we should be taking with a larger organization system.

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