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Thread: Battalion Level Suggestions

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    This topic should make a return.

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    Let me throw my ha'penny into the mix -

    I served in two different re-enacting Battalions over the years, one Reb and one Yankee.

    The Reb Battalion was made up of only various Virginia Companies from the ANV 2nd. Corps under Longstreet. No other Branch attachments. There were plenty of re-enactors back East so it didn't matter.

    The Yankee Battalion was what we called a "Provisional" Battalion, made up of Companies from Various States. Started out as 6, ended up with 4 as we weeded out the Farbs and Companies shrank and/or were consolidated. No other Branch attachments. (Occasionally we got stuck with a Company of dismounted Cavalry (2nd. Massachusetts _ real Farbs). I'd through them out as Skirmishers just to get them out of the Line of Battle. Our real Horse troopers and Artillery were seperate under their own commanders.

    So my point is keep the Infantry separate with no attachments.

    Tisor has it right.

    Jack O'Neill

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