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Thread: "Seven Days Battles" - Saturday Event

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    "Seven Days Battles" - Saturday EU Event

    Event: "Seven Days Battles"
    When: Every Saturday at 9pm CEST

    Regiments and Pub players are welcome to attend!
    If u want to participate and have more than 3 people, write me in Steam:
    I will add you to Discord-group.

    Rules for Skirmish:
    - We play 3 games.
    - Сooperate with other regiments if you want your team to win.
    - Have fun
    Rules for Picket Patrol:
    - No flags
    - No houses, accept barns
    - We play 7 games, max 90 minutes.

    Current Companies attending:

    95th New York
    4th New Jersey
    88th New York
    GDE (French Company)

    21st North Carolina, Co.A
    5th South Carolina, Co.D
    2nd Florida, Co.B
    Richmond Howitzers Battalion
    ||-6th Luisiana, Co. F
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    Video from last Event

    Union won 3-0.
    30:30 - 2nd map
    38:25 - 3d map
    21st North Carolina, Co.A
    18th North Carolina, Co.A
    5th South Carolina, Co.D
    2nd Florida, Co.B
    88th New York, Co.A
    52nd New York, Co.A
    20th New York, Co.E

    And some screenshots

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    Very nice

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    This is Today! Lets have some good fights.  685
    I-Corp 2nd Brigade

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    Yes, let's have some fun!

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    I’ll see about dragging some of my folk along to this Green! I will find you on Steam later on this afternoon.

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    We are going to have a big battle in a week on Saturday. Come!

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    Saturday 04/20/19 "Seven Days Battles" Event

    "Seven Days Battles" Event 04/20/19
    20 vs 20 on Picket Patrol.
    Score: 2-2

    2nd Florida
    ||-6-th Luisiana, Co.F

    95th New York
    4th New Jersey
    GDE (France)

    Pb-[2ndFL] Col. Green: Thank you all for participating!

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    The event this Saturday 04.27.2019 is canceled due to the Christian Easter. See you 04/05/2019.

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    The event is closed.

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