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Thread: Mouse button rebinding

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    Mouse button rebinding

    More of an oversight than a bug, as every other function is covered. There's no option to rebind shoot/aim from lmb & rmb - bit of an issue if anyone has restricted movement and needs to bind either of those functions to keys, or swap them over.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark L. E. E. Smith View Post
    There's no option to rebind shoot/aim from lmb & rmb
    Yes. This should be added (as well as the ability to rebind the admin menu button).

    On a side note . . .

    As a person who knows how to rebind those keys, I am hoping the Developers will tell us the console command to "fire." Once I know the console command, I can tell you how to rebind those mouse buttons using the autoexec.cfg.

    Hopefully Trusty or Hinkel might tell us in this thread.
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