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Thread: Bans not working?

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    Bans not working?

    I noticed people I banned were definitely rejoining undeterred recently. I'm wondering if it could be related to server name changes, since the ban file is the same as the server name. My ban file is showing as last modified mid-March, and only one file with one name exists with no others generated. I've made a few minor name changes and that's all I can think of.

    Also...there doesn't seem to be any server.log file beings generated or at least filled anymore. There was one huge one for the early month of the game (~700mb) from a lot of usage but there's been none made since with any content in them. Just some empty 0kb Server.log files. Some of the stuff they log is a little excessive but they're nice to have, if only they could be smaller.

    I was hoping to look through the logs to better investigate some TK incidents and why bans didn't seem to be working but it seems to not exist.

    Edit: Oh yikes! There does seem to exist some files in the 'log backups' folder. There's a series of files amounting to several terabytes of data. I can't do anything with that crazy.gif

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