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Thread: 4 Months of Whoever Grabs the Officer First...

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    I think this alongside the pubbie abuse running rampant right now is the biggest problem for War of Rights. But just like the latter its going to be one of the hardest ones to actually address in game. You obviously can't stop players from playing an in game class...that self defeating. I think thought that it may resolve itself as more games modes with more regiments become more frequent. If a player with officer is doing horribly...go join a regiment led by a player whose better. Quantity may in this case solve problems with quality...

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    "Pubbie abuse?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
    "Pubbie abuse?"
    The other night I dropped in on the one populated skirmish server, it wasn't one of the official ones. Spawn in and the round is starting, a guy who grabbed a senior nco spot is issuing orders to his fellow regiment members, getting them formed up. The guy who took the officer role, not a part of that regiment but I think he was with another, shoots the senior NCO for mutiny, I guess. Regiment buddy of slain SNCO shoots officer.

    I just respawn with the other union group, and because I've got some hours in I "get" what's going on, but for a new player, and from some of the questions I heard in game there were new players and players dropping in who'd been gone for awhile, that's the first impression they get.

    Becomes apparent that the rebs, many of whom were members of regiments, are simply better than the union side. I spawn and get killed right quick several times before I can reload or put a bayonet on, in chat it says there are rebs shooting at the spawn point, and bushwacking players on the way back to the main fight. Flag gets dropped and sure enough, on my way back from main there's a couple rebs working together.

    I shoot at one and miss, and there is some taunting as they chase after me, but I figure I can get to a spot where they are out of bounds or at least off the spawn to fight path. New player probably would just get skewered. They lose interest, I reload and then start working towards the point. The other Union group is all in the house by the point having some sort of meeting or somesuch, yucking it up. "Where's that squeaker?" I hear from inside, and as I get close to the house a boatload of rebs come out of the cornfield to break up the meeting. Time to spawn again, flag dropped.

    So, on the one populated server available, a new player who picks the Union side starts with a tk s**tshow, experiences regiments as a little subgroups in the game that operate independently of the game mechanics, probably never lives long enough to do anything but get shot or bayoneted by people who are saying things like "die you stupid yankee dumb''s" as they skewer him, and reading messages from regiment members in chat like "Nice Teamkill, insert name here" when they fail to realize that the guy running towards him was returning from scouting the enemy position, all while being a punching bag in a pretty one sided match with half the team yucking it up instead of playing to win.

    I don't know if that's "pubbie abuse". I do think it wouldn't be an ideal first time at bat.

    When I got the game on Steam release there were experienced players at the drillcamps who were very helpful, and the servers were full of players who were new as I was, so my TKs and general incompetence where hidden in a sea of it. I would wager that a new player now is less likely to get the soft landing I got.

    I think most of it is just human nature and just how it is with online gaming, and I should point out that one of the pleasures, for me at least, with WoR is logging on to a server and seeing familiar names and hearing the voices of people who've been first rate comrades even when I have stepped on my crank when I should know better.

    I just hope every new player get the same great treatment I got.

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