Hold an event, server settings let whoever runs the server choose who can officer. That seems pretty basic.

Having a guy who stays in line, carries the flag and avoids TKing and Rambo tactics in general getting a jump on the slot makes more sense than the current system, and the devs aren't buying the vote thing. Being a good Private does not a good Captain make, but in general the behaviour required of a good Private is poison to trolls, so rather than having the consensus best possible officer you'd at least get somebody who has shown they can show up and behave.

Almost anything would be better than the current system, and PLM's voting and joining system would certainly be an improvement, but since TrustyJam says no vote, I'm kicking around alternatives. Hell, you could go whole hog and require those wanting to officer to go through WoR Officer Candidate School. Show a review board that you have a mike, can use the interface, have a basic concept of things like tickets, point capture, and the difference between defilade and marmalade and you are eligible to lead. Garner enough complaints and the review board takes your commision.

We may never get a way for players to select the best officer, and in public play maybe that's a good thing. At this point minimizing duds and trolls would big step and if you can't do it by acclaim then you have to have a merit system of some kind. Even on this forum you have to make a certain number of replies before you can post topics.