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Thread: BOP: 1066 Main Thread

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    BOP: 1066 Main Thread

    December - 1066

    The Normans have conquered England, and have seized control of England's treasury and wealth. The Anglo Saxon population is angry, the Saxon lords have been replaced by Normans, and the people are displeased, but for now remain subjects.
    Meanwhile France is demanding the Duchy of Normandy back from the Normans, and has begun stationing troops at the Norman border; the world is watching to see what will come next, and the Holy Roman Empire are especially interested to see how and IF this will escalate.

    The Islamic nations have control of the Holy Land, much to the chagrin of the Papacy and the Christian Kingdoms. The Seljuk Empire is at odds with the Byzantine Empire, both nations holding a bitter hatred for one another.

    With the threat of all out warfare in Europe, disease, death, and religious tension; there is a real fear that things will escalate into a global conflict for dominance... Or survival.

    The rules are generally the same as the 1938 BOP, except there are no air forces, etc. Try to use common sense, and if you have a question; just ask.

    Starting Map:

    Current Map:


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    ""Dieu et mon droit""

    William, King of England and Duke of Normandy, refuses the King of France's claim to the Duckey of Normandy.

    The Duchy of Normandy, without dispute, belong to I, William, and not to you, Philip. I will not yield my seat of Normandy to you come what may. Should you persist in your claims upon it then it will result in damage to our relations that will likely echo down our line of kin for years to come. Do not let this happen. I call upon you to resend your claim upon the Duchey of Normandy and recognise that it now bellongs as part of the de jure territory of the Kingdom of England.
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    Malcolm III, King of Alba, Lays Claim to Western Scotia

    For four centuries these north men have used our land to fuel their greed, I, Malcolm, can no longer stand this injustice unto my people. Should you, Magnus, or your fellow Norwegians maintain their unjust grasp over our lands, I will grant your peoples till the first days of spring to gather their meager trinkets and withdraw from the mainland or face the consequences your heathen forefathers have justly wrought upon them. There will be no further warnings from myself Magnus. If, however, you have more sense than your father you will see my words speak only truth, I advise that you take them.

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    December- Post #1

    Construction of Fortifications on the Hungarian borders

    In Order to protect the subjects of my kingdom, and my rightful throne. I King Solomon of the Kingdom of Hungary vow to put forward the necessary precautions to protect my realm, and all those who would dare to bring harm to it. The Kingdom of the Magyars will continue to persist and remain prosperous under my reign. The construction of small border forts and watchtowers along the eastern border will ensure my kingdom is ready to face any outside aggressors.

    The Kingdom of Hungary Requests Dialogue with the Byzantine Empire

    The Kingdom of Hungary reaches out to the Byzantine Empire for the establishment of beneficial relations. The Kingdom of Hungary gladly accepts their orthodox brethren in order to unite in the situation of a potentially nomadic Tengri invasion.
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    Χριστὸς νίκη

    Meeting accepted
    Emperor Konstantinos X Doukas accepts to meet King Solomon of Hungary. May our meeting be prosperous.

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