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Thread: server wide Voice chat bug

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    The issue with bluetooth headsets has never directly been fixed. We have had a few other issues recently where some players have been able to hear certain other players globally, though not all. We belive this particular issue to have been fixed.

    I cant remember the exact name, but if you have a bluetooth headset, you should also have 2 bluetooth output devices in the sound options. One of them being "Hands Free something" if you select the one that is not "Hands Free" then it should work, though I think your microphone wont work then.

    We had also been reseraching an optimization for the teamspeak server the game uses. Currently the voice data when players are talking gets transmitted to all players and then its simply just the players computer that adjusts the volume of the player that speaks. The optimization was to have the teamspeak server only transmit the voice data from the player that is speaking, to the players that are actually in range. This should reduce the overall network bandwidth the game uses as well as at least for players who can hear everyone on the server, instead of hearing everyone, they will only receive voice data for the players that are actually close to them, though still with no left right stereo or volume change.

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    Here's my go-to bluetooth headset reply:

    Hi there!

    This is due to you using a Bluetooth headset.

    Bluetooth does not support high quality directional VoIP for a mass of players while also allow you to use your headset mic.

    In order to fix your VoIP so it is directional, please change the “headset” prefix in the input sound options to “headphones”.

    This will turn your mic off, thus allowing Bluetooth enough bandwidth to support directional VoIP.

    - Trusty

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