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Thread: 5th Florida company B

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    5th Florida company B

    5thFL(B) - The "Outlaws"

    5thFL(B)'s commander and many players resides in the Confederate State of Florida. 5th Florida strives to deliver on realistic military movements, cover and concealment, flanking, fire and advancing, and much more. If you would love to play with a veteran majority group, I would love to extend an invite to our company. We conduct weekly drills, skirmishing, as well as event style battle.


    Company Roster

    Company Staff

    Captain Daniel Carroll
    1st Lieutenant Spacecat
    First Sergeant Thomas Santa
    Sergeant James Briggs
    Corporal Trauma 1205

    First Platoon (9)

    1st Lieutenant Dale Hogan
    Private Brian Meeker
    Private Chris Soper
    Private Jerry Thomas Andrews
    Private Samuel Adams
    Private TJ DeLaughter
    Private Zach Morrison

    Second Platoon (46)

    1st Lieutenant Patrick R. Cleburne
    2nd Lieutenant MoBCorleone
    2nd Lieutenant NoahL54
    First Sergeant Garren
    First Sergeant James Briggs
    First Sergeant Trauma1205
    Sergeant Heinrich
    Sergeant Ivan Poltava
    Sergeant Jeremy Daniels
    Sergeant Stanley Lipinsky
    Corporal Cameron Poe
    Corporal Jim Bean
    Corporal Punisher_Reb
    Corporal Shanks
    Corporal Thomas Santa
    Private @lwy$
    Private Bennie Rommel
    Private Charlie McCall
    Private Christopher Feucht
    Corporal DADDY
    Private Dylan LeRoy
    Private Edward Smith.
    Private Edward Thache
    Private Eric Zukowski
    Private Flynn Taggart
    Private Henery Watson
    Private Ivan Mitef
    Private John D Smith
    Private John Masret
    Private Kevju Kafor
    Private Killer Angel
    Private Lucas Azevedo
    Private M.K Garrison
    Private Patrick Farley
    Private Ranger
    Private Robert Collins
    Private shawn
    Private Sonny Dunn
    Private Sun and Steel
    Private Thomas Dluzniewski
    Private Vlad
    Private William
    Private wingnutweaver1

    If you are interested in joining a true southern lead company, here's a link to our page to volunteer.
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    USA General of the Army

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    In Maryland State Near to both Antietam and Gettysburg, Harper's Ferry et al.

    Welcome to the CSA!

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    Happy to be apart of this company! Come on Floridians join up!

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    Corleone? The same one that was leading the CSMC?
    1st Maryland is pretty cool, ya know?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
    Corleone? The same one that was leading the CSMC?
    What is the CSMC?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaBelle View Post
    Corleone? The same one that was leading the CSMC?
    No, I am a newbie at this game.

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    Feel free to add me on steam if you want to join! 5thFL(B)]Cpl.MoBCorleone

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    Hey for all you new guys coming in from the sale, we will work with you to teach you the ropes! Send me a friend request on steam and we will get going

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    great to have you on the team 1st SGT Corleone

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    Perry's Florida Brigade

    General E.A. Perry
    After Antietam, the 2nd, 5th, and 8th were grouped together under Brig. Gen. Edward A. Perry. Perry's Florida Brigade served in Anderson’s Division of the First Corps under Lt. Gen. James Longstreet.[41]

    At Fredericksburg, the 8th regiment, whose Company C was commanded by David Lang protected the city from General Ambrose Burnside, contesting Federal attempts to lay pontoon bridges across the Rappahannock River. An artillery shell fragment struck the chimney of the building that Lang occupied, and a large chunk of masonry struck him in the head, gravely injuring him. He was promoted to commander of the 8th.

    David Lang
    After Chancellorsville, Perry was stricken with typhoid fever. Perry wrote "The firm and steadfast courage exhibited, especially by the Fifth and Second Florida Regiments, in the charge at Chancellorsville, attracted my attention."[39]

    Pickett's Charge
    Lang took command of the Florida Brigade. The Florida Brigade served through the Gettysburg Campaign and twice charged Cemetery Ridge at Gettysburg, including supporting Pickett's Charge. It suffered heavy fire from Lt. Col. Freeman McGilvery's line of artillery, and lost about 60% of its 700 plus soldiers when attacked on one flank by the 2nd Vermont Brigade of Brig. Gen. George J. Stannard.

    Perry then returned to command of the Florida Brigade, leading it in the Bristoe and Mine Run campaigns.
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