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Thread: 47th Virginia

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    47th Virginia

    Thread edit in progress - This is for the 47th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment Companies E, I and H.

    Add this steam name to join until it is done

    [47th VA] Lt. Patterson will get you in.

    Looking for recruiters, and experienced NCO's for a short time.

    Some brief History:

    47th Infantry Regiment was formed in June, 1861, with men recruited in Caroline, Middlesex, Essex, and Stafford counties. The unit served under the command of Generals Pettigrew, Field, Heth, H.H. Walker, and Barton. It fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from Seven Pines to Cold Harbor, then was active in the trenches of Petersburg and around Appomattox. This regiment totalled 444 effectives in April, 1862, and sustained 34 casualties of the 156 engaged at Frayser's Farm. It reported 29 casualties at Second Manassas, 45 at Fredericksburg, and 45 at Chancellorsville. Twenty-three percent of the 209 in action at Gettysburg were disabled. During February, 1865, the 47th and 55th Regiments were consolidated, but only 2 sergeants of the 47th surrendered on April 9. The field officers were Colonels Robert M. Mayo and George W. Richardson; Lieutenant Colonels James D. Bruce, William J. Greene, and John W. Lyell; and Majors Charles J. Green and Edward P. Tayloe.

    Our core players including Patterson signed up for this game back in 2015/16. We're ready to go now.
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    good luck

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    good luck
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