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Thread: United European Community - Biathlon Event

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    Unit: Jenkins' Brigade
    Faction (Union/CSA): CSA
    Time zone (NA/EU): EU/NA
    Commanding officer (with link): Brigade CO's and NCO's
    Number of attendance (valued): 20 - 25
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): both
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): ye

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    Today's event took place on three servers. The today's server population was 305 players from 15 different Units. The units fought today on the battlefield of "Harper's Ferry" and Skirmish-maps "Maryland Heights" & "Harpers Graveyard".

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    Unit: Alabama´s German Legion
    Faction (Union/CSA): CSA
    Time zone (NA/EU): EU
    Commanding officer (with link): Greenberg
    Number of attendance (valued): 20-30
    Preferred role (Line/Skirmishers): Line
    I have read the rules and accept (yes): yes

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