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Thread: The hootin' and hollerin'

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    The hootin' and hollerin'

    It's cool and all but it definitely tends to happen in some odd and inopportune times.

    A few days ago on Burnside Bridge the Confederates were defending at the bridge and the Union had broken through with a flag into the rear and began reforming there without us knowing. Cue their battlecry and our whole team turns around like "Oh... they must be behind us." In other cases a team will reach that threshold to cheer when their situation locally on the battlefield is anything but worth cheering for.

    Since the officer has got that funny new menu how about give the officers discretion in their menu over when to cue friendlies in their local proximity to holler after reaching each threshold?

    Also... one more thing I noticed. In the circumstances in which I'm alone and it triggers each time I say "Huzzah" is a different voice. gaga.gif
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    It's a cool mechanic, but it has to be looked at and tweaked. Too often there's situations in the corn on Miller's or that one map on South Mountain where you're trying to advance quietly, and then suddenly the whole team is yelping.
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    It shouldn't be something heard over the battlefield. If there was a way to make it where only the team that was affected could hear it, that would be ideal. Maybe take the yells and bind them to a key for charging or something like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oleander View Post
    Maybe take the yells and bind them to a key for charging or something like that.
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    That sounds like the best option.

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    It's nice to hear the enemy one in a distance, but sounds forced for friendlies (presumably due to them being much closer). Hearing it only from a certain distance and gathering (only groups of say 20 plus enemies in formation) might feel less invasive.

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