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Thread: y u do dis

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrustyJam View Post
    We had a peak of 748 players on sunday (an all time high since the EA launch). So the we’re not going to be able to support the entire community on a single server.
    Yes, but that number is a "Peak Players" outlier after the recent sale.

    For regular gameplay on most days, an increased server slot capacity would arguably help boost this community's vitality and interaction. The Steam Charts show the Average Players at a much lower figure than 748, but the real question is:

    What is the average player number on previous weekends? According to Steam Charts when narrowed to prime-time on weekends...

    Friday, January 17th prime-time: 351-392 players
    Sunday, January 12th prime-time: 489-520 players
    Saturday, January 11th prime-time: 465-568 players
    Friday, January 10th prime-time: 347-382 players

    These numbers are a lot lower than 748. And, yes, these numbers are also higher than 300 slots.

    But I realize I'm fighting a losing battle here.
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    It's not about peak hours, this is exactly the problem. This Sunday if you were a new player coming into the game you had one choice for a server.

    I realize it's beyond the imagination of some for a community like this, but it is possible to have multiple full servers nearly around the clock. What steam's activity tracking shows is a relatively predictable pattern of high weekend activity and lower weekday peaks, keep in mind these high numbers are peaks and are nothing organic either, as they all revolve around events.

    You don't need a chart to tell you it's Monday at 6PM EST and there's one server open with 117/150. This is the typical environment a new players comes into. This isn't the end of the world but it isn't ideal. Many have complained because they get autobanned and have no other options of servers to go to. You almost never do. You have one server and two teams and one or two options for an officer who'm you have no say in. Peak times half the time involve one or two locked servers with 50-100+ in them. Hence the screenshot of Sunday in my above post: 594 players on about 8:45pm when I took the screenshot. Only 122 in unlocked servers though. It's that public gameplay that's gonna be an albatross on everyone if it doesn't get focus. Obviously a lot of people are content with the way things are and the reason I'm such a dick about it is I know resistance to logical change is only going to grow the longer the status quo is established.

    It's not even the numbers that make the biggest difference, that's just part of the experience. When you go in a server and idiots are running the show and you lose both flags three times a map and your team only becomes a greater clusterfrack because of it, that isn't very fun. People want this stuff to be fun and work out. You don't see people highlighting the honest reality of your average experience. People will come into a game to chase an experience but if they don't find it after several tries they're going to bail. That's just the way things are.

    I'm just saying, among other things, why can't leadership roles mean something? Why can't an NCO actually be accountable and connected to an officer? Why's a flag (that should be flying proudly and defiantly) have to hide in the rear because it's the sole basis for the team's lifeblood of reinforcements? You know what I think when I see these German volunteers on the battlefield in double ranks? I think man, they're really screwing themselves over. They're going to get destroyed. We had a very basic platform erected for formation statuses and it hasn't been updated or revisited in 2+ years. That's no fun
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