First of all, I really like WoR, I am closely following what's happening,even if I am not extremely active. I try to test every patch and keep up with the status of the development and I am playing this since the very first playable version. I am fairly educated about the american civil war and also about napoleonic warfare (which is NOT comparable. Don't argue with me, it's not. Same goes for the danish-prussian war e.g.).

There is one thing that is REALLY annoying me besides some of the to be expected things that come with the fact that this is early access and in development. Why the hell is skirmishing being punished? I absolutely understand that being out of line is being punished to prohibit lone wolfs, but why the absolute f**k is skirmishing being punished in a gamemode called skirmishes? I don't get it. 150 players is far from being enough to have anything close to a real linebattle, but it's enough to simulate one of the smaller skirmishes during the ACW. The way is balanced right now forces everybody to keep standing up because kneeling, reloading, advancing is deemed to be bad thing. Because it does cost more moral, tickets whatever you want to call it. This is, I think, absolutely ridiculous and harming the game a lot. It doesn't help with lone wolfs ( if something helps, the out of line nerfs and ticket cost does), but enforces wannabee Gettysburg movie Chamberlain "FIX BAYONETS" boons without any tactical sense. It strips the game (as well as the name giving game mode) of a HUGE portion of the actual tactics of the civil war. I think it would be good if at least for the "skirmishes" gamemode being in line as well as being "skirmisher" would cause the same hit on moral, while being out of line should of course be punished. Flanking and harassing should be part of the game again.

Just my five cents. I will definitely keep on playing, but this is the part I am disappointed about the most since quite a while.
All of you may of course answer to this thread, hijack it, or do whatever you want. But this is mainly meant as my personal thoughts about this topic as a feedback for the devs and I most likely won't argue with anyone about my opinion on this or even answer. Thanks for your time