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Thread: Changing name during match can remove tk's??

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    Changing name during match can remove tk's??

    So i have seen this happen a few times this week and last weekend, someone is tking, he changes his name during the match (possibly through the console), and he continues on tking, i just saw a guy kill someone 6 times in 20 minutes. It seems that if they change their name in game, their tk list gets wiped clean as the game thinks he is a new player perhaps?

    It's another thing that trolls are now using to tk people, sometimes they copy someone's name and try to get the original nameholder banned if their is a admin present.

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    No, they either have multiple steam accounts with the game purchased on each one or they are several people all trolling under the same name in order to be able to claim that they are hackers/etc.

    A fellow was just reported yesteday by several community members, who, at first glance, thought he was bypassing the auto/server admin ban systems. Upon further research it showed that it was really a question of multiple Steam accounts.

    - Trusty

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    Okay, maybe it was the same guy again, people like that deserve a game ban.

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