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Thread: Cheating Company Tool to Muster Companies

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    At what point is it considered abusing company tool? Should everyone be limited to just 1? Or is 2 okay? Kind of like desertion, its okay only if you desert... right? Leave me out of your drama, I left 7thTN for a reason.

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    I formed 2 companies the correct way - I didn't cheat the system - thanks for your input.

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    Definitely link it to SteamIDs if it can be done. Perhaps make some moderator positions to verify that the SteamIDs are real and flagging the unit members if they aren't even steam accounts. It aught to be possible to find out who was doing it as far as the forum goes with some investigative work on the IP addresses. Also perhaps add a system of verification giving legitimate organizations icons or tags (that would take some groundwork). For example, if the organization has a server then you would submit your server name and it would be verified and there'd be an icon that showed you had a server. You wouldn't just want it to be able to link to your server because anyone could make that claim.

    Also I'm interested how the Company Tool will integrate. To me the Company Tool seems like it was more as a way of hyping the future gameplay. I know there's some promised integration I'm just wandering what and wish there was more transparency in the planning.
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    SteamID isn't good enough. Steam accounts only need a valid email to be created which means that will be no better than the current system. The only way to curb the system is to have integration in the game, meaning you cannot use the tool unless you have a valid copy. I thought at one point the CT integration was going to be used so certain units would be able to play their counterpart in game during historic mode.

    As I said before, I see no use for the CT at this point. Even from an organizing standpoint, a spreadsheet is BY FAR easier to work with. The only advantage the CT has over that is the ability to send a mass email to all enlisted. On the artillery page alone, there are at least 2 dozen batteries with insufficient numbers to muster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Poorlaggedman View Post
    Also I'm interested how the Company Tool will integrate. To me the Company Tool seems like it was more as a way of hyping the future gameplay. I know there's some promised integration I'm just wandering what and wish there was more transparency in the planning.
    Probably the devs don't see CT as a priority for now, since everyone is stoked for 'arty' and 'stable 200 men servers' ???
    And just starting up something just might take longer then expected, so the question is -< is this a very high priority for the community to redesign CT or could some more simple 'actions' resolve some issues ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PAIOLETTI View Post
    Thank you so much brother for bringing this to my attention! i owe you one! Much respect to the supreme commander of Tennessee, Spades!
    Brother, it's my pleasure to do so - thank's for having my back for the last 3 year's we appreciate it!

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    Thread cleaned up.

    Keep it on topic and keep it constructive.

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    Like Leifr said keep it on topic or infractions will be given.


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    I ran into this thread while searching for info on name changing in game.

    I'm a Pub player since Steam release and one of the reasons I have yet to join a company is exactly this...there seems to be an undercurrent of drama, backbiting and swollen wounded egos that surround the "clans" in this game. Add that to the experience I've had with the company tool and it's not been a great "hey kids let's join a company" thing.

    The subject matter of the game, the quasi-military structure and personality types that seek leadership and seek to undermine it are recipe for this sort of stuff, and the company tool provides the right environment to make it boil.

    I'm sceptical enough of the baggage that can come with commitment to a company that I wanted to see what info and such the company tool asked for without signing up for a company and apparently that makes me a reb for life unless I want to desert or set up a sock puppet account, and now I come to find out that either of those actions might get me called out as a scammer? Great. Oh, and if I just buy the game, pick a company at random it may either be a sock puppet group or one created solely to engage in some sort of juvenile pissing match between some true believer and a malcontent? Even better.

    Add that to the trash talking about companies you overhear on public servers, the sparring over recruiting, and the ever annoying experience of dropping in a game, hearing somebody hollering "Ninth Oregon, over here" and you hit "T" just to be sure and yup, the choices are either Maryland or New York so you make a mental note that the command structure of the game is being supplanted by a clan thing, and I'm in no rush to sign up at this point.

    The company tool should be overhauled, put in mothballs or given to the community, but imho it's an anchor at this point.

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    5th Fl company B, my perspective of WOR, people buy the game, then they join a company, not liking the company, or leadership, decide to move on to join another company, either due to lack of player participation or to long of absence of the leadership, either or result in a coward desertion in personal file, not to mention they get upset when they realize Its all about Team Play, and cant go rambo off as if it were MOA. The Roster page of enlistment will reflect this, showing a total count of how many are in that company, but only see after a brief time, actual players playing, as those in the company question where is so an so, not to be seen, nor heard from again, but remains on the roster. As to not loose the status quo of ownership of that particular company.

    A lot of the palyers have become update players, see an update, play the game and quit playing, until the next update, there is not a company on the WOR roster page not hit with this attrition, not to mention the tighter the reigns WOR pulls back on players, making all conform to the ideology of what WOR wants. This alone is what makes a lot of people walk away from WOR, to become just update players, all of which is SAD, just sad. When i was in the 7th TN, the roster reflected 30 plus on the roster, but it was always the same 6 or 7 at best that would show up, now part of the 5th, though our numbers do not reflect past the same 6 or 7 who show up, on a regular basis, to see the numbers rise to 12 or more on update time, then its back to the same few.

    which leads me to this, No one cheats about the numbers on a company number, they eventually show up, so either do away with all companies and form them into all CSA, or USA, or have it that only companies that can muster the field with 25 weekly or loose the company and just become all CSA or USA, which means 25 all at once, not straggle in piecemeal 2 this day, 6 the next etc...though this action could force those who do not like each other to form into one company to keep the status quo of keeping said company, or have WOR release the ease of the reigns, so people will come back to WOR on a regular basis, either which will not happen, and thus the continuous crying will still continue.

    Ive asked WOR that a way to keep people from typing that vile word NIGGER, never be allowed to be written in open chat while in game, but that fell on deaf ears too. I have black family members in my family and think it should be abolished, even though in the real world that vile word is used more within american africans towards one another, but in our family, if ever uttered, someone is getting punished for it.

    People get so Butt Hurt here over a game as if it were real life, when one has actually placed the BUTT of M-16 into the skull of another human being, then you have something to cry over, I still see that lasting image that haunts my dreams nightly, as i wake up crying screaming STOP, to see my tears running down my face, crying over something, that wasnt a GAME !

    Who is one to blame, when the servers cant be filled, or keep player participation high, The company leaders? The company as a whole?, or WOR for tighter and tighter pulling back of the reigns, to make all players conform to 1 style of game play? I stated long ago, let rambos be, they are either stupid, brave, ran out of ammo, or just had enough game play, that the end result would be the start of what many wont like. well just look at participation, cant blame time, as this game has been in development for 5 + years, just to see from my own eyes, and hear with my own ears how things use to be, and cant be done anymore. I wont wear that officers class uniform to see me ever get deserted, i keep my rank in my name, thats good enough for me. this was the result of RAMBOS, deserters. its not like anyone can find a way to rearm, or carry enough rounds for any pistol, whats the point of being an officer class uniform, whats the point of carrying the flag if one cant lower it, as to not say loudly without words OVER HERE BOYS, LOL whats the point of drill, no one practices what they learned on the field of battle, just becomes a simbulance of chaotic free for all standing in a line, just to get yelled at for taking a knee, to reload, to stand to fire, and repeat till next respawn.

    What I see, The people butt hurt in this game will continue to cry, WOR will pull back even tighter the reigns, and more people will become update players, leaving the die hard players left to play. me I dont care anymore, its a game, like it, or dont, play or dont play, if ones thoughts are not in the same wavelength of what WOR wants, its over looked deleted, or simply dismissed as oh well. heres a thought, how about opening up all the maps to both sides, so they can go anywhere on the map, forcing contingents to cover the rear in a well placed entrenchment for spawn, to loose that is an automatic loss or for immediate win of a game. now people will have to be forced to strategize the game. that I know none of this will ever happen.
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