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Thread: Automatic reload breaks for movement.

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    Automatic reload breaks for movement.

    One problem with teamwork is getting people to move out quickly together in a pinch or just to get people to stop their reload even in the event of melee combat. Every player is faced with the choice when a move is initiated mid-reload: To finish the reload or not? Fortunately it's possible to resume reloading now but in the excitement it's very easy to press 'R' too many times or just to listen to the voice in your head telling you "PLM... Finish your reload. You're worthless without a loaded musket." or "PLM... you know it'd be inefficient to break your reload up like that. Finish it and catch up"

    Why not make reload breaks automatic when initiating WASD movements other than perhaps when pushed by other players bumping into you? Taking away the need to officially cancel the reload process would be one less obstacle in the way of the players making the right decision. As it is it doesn't feel very seamless.

    There's no reason for a player to be pressing any of those buttons while reloading and doing so can only really express a desire to move. There may be a slight issue as such with the chat feature interfering as is the issue right now with 'R.' If I'm unloaded and I press 'r' while chatting I will commence/cancel reloading even though I didn't mean to.

    Also, I don't expect to be able to reload on the move in this game, but is it conceivable to make the first and last steps possible on the move and thus effectively adding a grace period to when you can move and still finish / start your reload before being forced to pause. The first and last steps (for a muzzle-loader) seem like the most reasonable ones to perform at a move. It's hard to envision many of the others being done on the move, let alone at a double-quick.
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    You can already break your reload by pressing one of the WASD keys for a short while.

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