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Thread: Multiplayer Campaign gamemode

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    Multiplayer Campaign gamemode

    I'm sure that some of you are familiar with the multiplayer campaign mode that is the mapvoting system in Red Orchestra 2/Rising Storm 1 and 2.




    I would love to see a WoR take on it, as a "strategic mode" or "general's mode". At the maps end, either the officers (for official battles) or all players (for pub battles and general server use) an interactive map shows the current map territories, which side owns it and, It's worth (for tickets or "battle points" or whatever). You could either go the RO/RS2 route and have each territory add up to the win points, but I'd love to see a total attrition model. This will also be an awesome way to integrate any future expansions for battlefields like Atlanta or Petersburg as you add them, so different weapons and regiments can become or no longer be available.

    My version for a Campaign attrition mode would work as follows:


    1)The attrition model is given total army strength of ticket numbers. Each regiment has a max ticket count based on historical strengths. Once those tickets are gone, that regiment is fought out and cannot be selected for future maps.

    3)Map votes are by region (Left Flank, Right Flank, Center, Harper's Ferry) In each region are only the regiments assigned to that region, and thus a custom ticket pool.

    4)After the map is selected two regiments are voted on from the pool of available regiments under that wing/corps/division for each side.

    5)the selected map is played with selected regiments for a win or loss that effects the total ticket pool/Victory point pool.

    6)it goes on until the victory condition, be it commanding certain ground or numbers of battlemaps, until casualties are too high for one side, or until the day ends. This will allow a full and continuous day night cycle for the battles, and different battle experiences. Maybe garibaldi’s guard is sent up south mountain or The 1st Delawares have to stand up to multiple attacks in a day, whittling down their combat power. Maybe you hold the 52nd PA and Sharpshooters for the very last map and deploy them both for the final push.

    I believe this will allow for a huge amount of replayibility, more varied scenarios, and active player strategic input instead of just tactical. Plus, if there’s a freeform campaign mode, then there can be a strict historical campaign mode, where the map rotation is every engagement in chronological order.
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    that's awsome

    you think it could be done with the set up the game is running now and how sorry i hadnt read your whole thing but i love it?

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    The RS2:V Campaign is nothing more than a glorified map select menu that encourages teamstacking and picking the most unbalanced maps every single time. I would really hate it if anything resembling it was put into the game. As an RS/RO veteran, the campaign kills the nature of the game every single time they add it. I'll go out on a limb and say that only the RO2 campaign didn't completely break how the game was played.

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    I'd like to see a more logical progression to maps and capture zones. Even to the point when one capture zone ends then the next one becomes available and you just go right into it, transitioning into new regiments which become available. So the flow would be like : Hooker's Push --> Cornfield ---> Hagerstown Road ---> West Woods or Burnside Bridge ---> Otto & Sherrick Farm ---> Hill's Counterattack, or something similar. With a progression of time after that. In similar fashion to the way some Team Fortress maps worked out where'd one team would gradually blast it's way down the map taking territory. Something more seamless where you can build cohesion and feel the effects of a longstanding duel rather than isolated 45 minute matches with the teams potentially scrambling between them.

    Or alternative situations playing out. Where the defender may be buying time while the weight of the forces gradually mount as circumstances play out. Something like that, far better than the transitions in most available RTS games which have a very limited number of scenarios which play out which box you into success/failure single route paths. Can't take Burnside Bridge?---> Try again vs attack the alternate ford upstream (not yet a scenario but it should be). It would have to be creative to take into account the positioning of forces and spawns and any alternate scenarios and combinations. The width of the playable areas needs to be carefully managed so as not to disperse the player count to the point it feels like you're a squad wandering in a game world and more like a soldier on an active battlefield. There's a lot of map to play on and my understanding is because of the way it was mapped is that much of it is playable.

    But it progressively feels more pointless to me to suggest anything when there's little transparency in development, for some reason (It's not like this game has any serious competition). We need an unofficial fan site to digest and publish the tidbits of information that come out if you don't religiously follow the forums, I'm finding myself more and more clueless as to future developments. The published game plan is very vague and seemingly lacking the intent on making the gameplay more cohesive. Picket Patrol came out of left field. The end-of-round events had some discussion but don't seem to be getting any revisions and half the servers have disabled them by now.
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