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Thread: Trolls are running wild the last weeks

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    Trolls are running wild the last weeks

    The last two weeks, the game has been plagued with trolls that have multiple steam accounts that either take the flag and run off, or the one guy called Mexican DJ blasting Mexican music, this starts to annoy people and they start to tk him and the team starts losing tickets.

    The admin systems need a upgrade, like a IP ban so someone who has multiple accounts can't pop back into the server.

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    Mexican DJ plays the victim game but he's just a troll trying to bait TKs. He'll run around in circles of a formation trying to get people to TK him, run off with the flag, he'll play officer role and lead the team off the map, etc. He'll also leave immediately (I mean immediately) when an admin comes on and brags about knowing not to to TK more than two people in five minutes (needs to be able to be adjusted so people don't know the limits) while his score system is how many people he gets autobanned TKing him. Also that's why I was always so adamant about there being no silly indicators like red lettering for admins, certainly not on by default. I saw him banned multiple times using the admin UI and he waltzed back on under a new name, same steam ID. My understanding is the bans that were put in place through the UI were in seconds, not hours as the controls say. Whether the console command to ban works or not I'm not sure. Clearly a banlist exists and is updated. But he'll still reign in the Official servers which desperately need admins. I'm sure he's probably in there right now having a grand old time on the official server which is full (Edit: Oh wow he isn't)

    It's supremely frustrating to see admins unable to ban him and others without extra effort. It's multiple levels of inconceivable that admin systems wouldn't be a much higher priority well before the wider steam Alpha release because anyone with any FPS experience knows how much trolls can entirely derail gameplay and even partly adjust the entire culture of a game. A server without admins is like a car without a steering wheel. You'd be breaking all sorts of standards and ethics by creating that car. Of course it will be fixed eventually but we're 8 months into private servers and there's still issues, not a lack of features, but issues with the basic functions. That's a lot of laughs a lot of psychos get on a lot of players in the meantime.
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    I believe that someone said that when the game gets updated, the ban list gets cleaned as well. And how can someone be banned and just walked back in under the same Steam ID, there must be something completely wrong with the banning system or the troll knows something to abuse it. And if he keeps coming back in through the same Steam ID, i think it's time that guy receives a Game Ban on his steam ID.

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    Update: He was at it again today on the 1st Ga server, completely ruined two whole rounds by tking people, leaving, and coming back in and tking the flag bearer and running away with the flag. This guy needs a game ban ASAP!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt.Nightfire View Post
    Update: He was at it again today on the 1st Ga server, completely ruined two whole rounds by tking people, leaving, and coming back in and tking the flag bearer and running away with the flag. This guy needs a game ban ASAP!
    I was there and doing my best to limit his impact on everyone's game. I can't ban on 1st GAs server, but I did my best to kick him whenever he joined. Thank you to everyone who reported him!

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    Lenin has a channel on his Discord for keeping track of the Steam profiles of notorious trolls. Here's one that I saw the game devs ban personally that still manages to come back: He's been 'permanently banned' off of just about every major server I can think of now. Still manages to come back on around the same time every night around 11pm-12pm est. This guy's entire goal has been to kill the server at night for months, it's amazing to me that he's still being allowed to literally run people off of the dev's game.

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    I recognize one of his steam names, Beef Wellington, i saw him take a officer role, and told people to get into a shed (the one on the CSA side on Harpers Ferry in front of the graveyard) and anyone who refused he tked.

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    Mexican DJ is back again, on Official Server 2.

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    I play most Fridays and the last few he spent hours trying to get under peoples skin and steal flags. He even stabbed me when i had flag so he could run it into the union. He's either a union player that wants to help them cheat to win or hes just sad man showing you a potential flaw in this battle system. We can mute him but perhaps captains should be able to deny him the ability to pick up or spawn flag. Thus we police ourselves.
    Point is though he comes on every week, tk, flag hogs, aids the enemy, sound floods speakers. When he finally gets kicked hes back with Asian DJ. WHAT A DO WOR because this shit is putting people off when i stream your game.

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    He is banned off most privately owned servers. Recommend that when he is on that you encourage folks to switch to a privately owned server.

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