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Thread: A call for Battlefield Researchers!

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    Titanic Honor and Glory has a free demo out which sort of follows that concept with the points of interest and ambient noise You could go all out and make ghost armies at some points.

    Do you have any connections with the park service at Antietam? They're like Civil War nuns, one of them has worked there in the basement at the Visitor's Center 30 years. The Battlefield Trust is also pretty active in trying new stuff recently especially augmented reality and specifically at Antietam.
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    After a long days work I have finished the 9th NY's tour! When ever the devs are ready I will send it over for review! Sources are included.

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    The submission thread is now open!

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    I think this is a very good idea! I hope you guys will be able to make this happen without it taking up the time that's needed to further develop and improve upon the mechanics, UI and other features. I just got this game a few days ago and i'm very pleased with the game for the most part. I come from your average fast paced FPS game, and this game was a huge change in pace but a very welcome one at that. Obviously there is still work to be done but i'm already hooked! After a few hours I found myself looking for another feature to enjoy as a small break from the constant barrage of cannon fire and stern officers.

    In my opinion I would love to see this "Battlefield Tour Mode" not only used to educate new players such as myself on the history of the battlefields, but as a much needed tool to teach us the basic combat and movement actions within the game. Since players must travel to different parts of the battlefield to find "scenes", you could have the "Guide" pop up on screen telling the player that they can press "c" to switch to double time to move at a jogging pace or "hold shift" to sprint. If their is a "scene" inside of a building, the instructions would be to tell the player how to attach the bayonet, enter melee mode and open the door(I still don't know, LOL!). Well I'm sure you got what i'm getting at here . I'm confident that it could be thrown into the Tour without it pulling the players attention away from soaking up the Historical Knowledge bring dropped!!

    I could go on and on about things i believe would serve this game well, but this is about the "Guided Battlefield Tour", and i'm all for it!!

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    If someone need, I'm doing research about the battle of Harpers Ferry (september 12th-15th 1862), in particular about the history of the D'Utassy's Brigade and the 39th New York "Garibaldi Guard".
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    Being a Savannah native, living in Springfield, I'd be happy to photo/video or otherwise document and/or share knowledge of all things in the Charleston / Savannah area as far south as Olustee (Battle of Ocean Pond) and of course local battlefields such as Ft. Pulaski & Ft. McAllister, Charleston Ft. Sumter / Batteries Wagner & Monroe etc, James Island and etc .. plus areas south east of Clinton Georgia of skirmishes during the March to the Sea etc such as The Battle of Jenks Bridge west of Savannah.. etc etc ad nauseum. Whether a point of interest such as the haunted spot on Fort McAllister's wall where Major Anderson was decapitated by a shell.. OR just to assist to help the young and smart artists add accuracy in creating the mapping for such future places be they American Revolution, War of 1812 or War of Northern Aggression I'd love to contribute anything you need! That said, I HATE that I missed the kick-starter chance to contribute and support the creators in continued game development and those hosting servers! I'd love to "buy in" to help any way I can!

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    I would help but I live in Spotsylvania within walking distance from Widow Tapp Field which the wilderness battle happend, I do not live or be able to go to any major battlefields such as Gettysburg or Antietam but if there is a need for a person to describe the events of the Wilderness battle I can surely help.
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