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Thread: [IVR] Independent Volunteer Rifles Weekly Events

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    Quote Originally Posted by TRaider View Post
    IVR-Prisoner Raid Event "The IVR Making WoR Fun again since 1862" Sorry for the bad camera work I'm learning. The IVR does unique events on a weekly basis, if your group would like to attend please join our Discord: offshorededi
    Who was that guy leading the frst NC? He sounds super cool and manly.

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    The IVR is back!

    The first IVR event is scheduled for Friday September 18th a day after the anniversary of Antietam at 9pm EST. We will be having a planning meeting on Thursday night at 8pm EST and a very brief meeting before the event at 8:30pm EST on Friday to work out the numbers and the order of battle.

    The IVR events will have no debrief in the VC instead you will be able to give your feedback in a text channel and if any issues arise that need to be dealt with we will bring those parties into VC while allowing everyone else to be with their men. Attached below is the Rule Set for the event.

    This will be an ongoing micro campaign focusing on the battle of Antietam using a timeline starting with September 16th, 1862 | Prelude to Antietam East Woods Skirmish, 7:00 P.M, ~ On the evening of September 16, McClellan ordered Hooker's I Corps to cross Antietam Creek and probe the enemy positions. Meade's division cautiously attacked Hood's troops near the East Woods. After darkness fell, artillery fire continued as McClellan positioned his troops for the next day's fighting.

    Then finishing the evening with September 17th, 1862 | Morning Phase Hookers Push, 6:00 A.M. ~ In the early fog of dawn, Joseph Hooker pushes southwards with his I Corps, starting from the edge of the North Woods, past the Miller Farm and through the Miller Cornfield only to be engaged south of it by defending Confederate General Ewell's Division.

    Depending on the scenario at play the cap may be off or on. We encourage everyone to get involved with this event and we want this to be very much a community driven event in terms of ideas, helping out, and getting the word out. Anyone is welcome to attend as long as they follow the rules of the event.

    Event Server will be: The IVR Antietam Campaign Event-Hosted by the 3rd New Jersey
    (Server Will be password protected)

    Rule Set:


    Registration is open for this week!

    Main post updated also!
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    Thanks for attending last week II 6th Louisiana! We look forward to many more great events together!

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    I got too much interesting stuff on your blog. I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! Keep up the good work.

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    Is this event still active?

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    We are back! If you're looking for a great Historical Rules event in NA you really need to check out the IVR

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    Great event this week! Highly recommend the event.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bl1zzt3r View Post
    Great event this week! Highly recommend the event.

    Thank you glad to have the 5th US Cav in attendance!

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