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Thread: Pickets And Artillery, Seige Of Petersburg 1864

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    Pickets And Artillery, Seige Of Petersburg 1864

    When a picket line advanced during the seige where they normally covered by artillery?

    How often were the artillery firing during the month of September 1864?

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    I have a very interesting book you might want to read. "The Man Behind The Guns" A Military Biography of General Henry J. Hunt, Chief of Artillery, Army of the Potomac. By Edward G. Longacre.

    Granted it's more a history of the man than an actual day to day account of the war, but it does cover the 1864 Siege of Petersburg.

    There is also "The Last Days of the Confederacy" An Eyewitness Account of the fall of Richmond, Capital City of the Confederate States. By A. A. Hoehling & Mary Hoehling. I have not read this one yet but I have it in hand.

    Another book I have in hand and haven't read yet "The Personal Memoirs of U. S. Grant" Obviously written by Grant himself, it covers his entire life and has several chapters dealing with his time as General In Chief of all U.S. Armies, and his time with the Army of the Potomac.

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    In addition to the already mentioned books I can also recommend the personal memoirs of Edward Porter Alexander, who gives rather detailed insight and is also relatively unbiased. Quite worth a read from a historical point of view. It also gives some “fresh” views on other historical persons and their personalities. Regarding your main focus on artillery it certainly helps that Alexander was Lee’s chief of artillery at the time of the siege of Petersburg.

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