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Thread: Skipping reload animation

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    Skipping reload animation

    Myself and a few others in the 1st NJ have uncovered a bug where we fire, and when we go to reload, the animation does something weird and jumps to the end of it where we are re shouldering arms, and then our gun is once again reloaded, basically skipping the animation and having ya reloaded within 5 seconds. It hasnít happened very often, and is not consistent , meaning it only happens once, and then we can reload again like normal. Has anyone else had this?
    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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    I've had this happen

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    The game allows you to continue your reload from where you left off.

    Are you sure you didn’t cancel a reload mid way through earlier and then just continued it at a later point in time?

    - Trusty

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    Pretty sure, we just had fired a volly, and when I went to reload, the above happened, and I basically skipped the reload animation
    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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    I have had this happen. I had just finished firing and when I went to reload I was already putting a cap on the rifle lol

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