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Thread: 132nd Pennsylvania -Co.A

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    132nd Pennsylvania -Co.A

    Who Are We?
    Greetings fellow yankee soldier and welcome to the 132nd!
    Here at the 132nd we try to give a Realistic experience in a serious environment using Drills and commands like they did in the 1860's. This does not mean we don't fool around from time to time just not during events or training like many other companies.Furthermore, here in the 132nd Pennsylvania we do not care
    about gender, where you come from or your age. As longas you can behave like a adult and serve the union!Another thing to note about the 132nd is that we do not seerecruits, privates or NCO's as nothing but another number.We care about every single member in our Company since we want people to have fun while playing with us! Also please note that we are a EU based Company, meaning we go after BST (British Summer Time)

    History of the Company
    The 132nd Pennsylvania was mustred the town of Harrisburg in Pennsylvania in 1862 under the command of Colonel Richard A. Oakford. The Regiment was attached to 1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac. The 132nd Also served in Multiple campains and battles such as the maryland campain and the battle of Antietam. The 132nd was mustred out in 1863 after serving the union and all her people well.

    Current Platoons within the 132nd

    Meet the Command staff


    Looks like you reached the bottom of out Company post! If you are intressted to join our community there is a discord link below, welcome to the 132nd Recruit! And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Administrators up above or join our discord server wich is once again in the link below.

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    Welcome to the Union and good luck!

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    Looking good boys, I look forward to fighting alongside you on the battlefield!
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    Good Luck, greetings from the 20th NY Co.E

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