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Thread: 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment - Companies A, B & C

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    15th Georgia Infantry Regiment - Companies A, B & C

    Introducing The 15th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment

    The 15th Georgia Infantry Regiment is a primary fighting infantry unit in the 1st brigade of Longstreets I Corps, closely operating alongside the 4th Texas Infantry, Palmetto Sharpshooters & Rowans D Battery Artillery.


    The 15th Georgians were a veteran infantry regiment of the civil war, noteworthy for having seen action in over 20 bloody skirmishes over the five year span of the war. The regiment was mustered in the town of Athens Georgia on July 15th of 1861, mustering young men into ten companies from the Northeastern counties of the state. They soon became a hardened component of the famous Toombs Brigade, where they fought in almost every major combat action in the eastern theater, alongside their fellow Georgians. The regiment, as well as its peers, was well known for it's discipline and hardened officer core, at times being led valiantly by junior officers such as during the battle of Sharpsburg, where Captain Thomas H. Jackson of Company H assumed command of the entire regiment after Colonel Millican was fatally injured. Over the course of the war the hard fighting men of the 15th sacrificed over 400 casualties to the effort, many of which young men. Concluding their arduous journey of five years and seeing action in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Tennessee, and their home state of Georgia, the regiment was present for the official surrender at Appomattox Courthouse, surrendering 20 officers and 226 enlisted men as the war came to a close.


    We are an experienced, dedicated unit that can offer well run, regular skirmish and training events every week courtesy of our friends in I Corps. We are an ambitious group always searching out and creating experienced staff, and willing to mentor new players. We are inclusive to Europeans as well, running several events a week especially catered to those timezones. This is a regiment for people who are willing to put their time in and experience growth, and for the more determined player, an opportunity to be shown a path to leadership. We also take pride in our closeness as a community, spending our free time engaging in games other than War of Rights and overall becoming a tight-knit group. Our members look out for each other vigilantly, so if you are a team player, please apply today! We require all members to have a working mic.



    Regimental Commander: Colonel Penance
    Executive Commander: Major Ace
    Sergeant Major: Sergeant Major Bruins


    (A)Delhi Rangers: Maj. Ace
    (B)Tugalo Blues: Col. Penance
    (C)Fireside Guards: Cpt. Thomas W. Bishop


    Longstreets I Corps is the larger community we are a part of and will be a central part of your experience in the 15th Georgia

    4th Texas Infantry Regiment: LtCol. Nile Jefferson
    15th Georgia Infantry Regiment: Col. Penance
    Rowans Artillery Battery: Cpt. Dab

    5th Texas Infantry Regiment: Col. James
    23rd Virginia Company B: Cpt. Sheep
    Richmond Howitzers: Cpt. George/1stLt. Dutch


    Friday 3PM EST
    Sunday 3PM EST

    North American
    Saturday 8PM EST
    Sunday 8PM EST

    Saturday 2PM EST


    To enlist in the 15th Georgia please reply to this post with the following information:

    Company Tool Name:
    Steam Profile Link:
    Steam Name:
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    Longstreet's I Corps Staff Team

    15th Georgia Infantry XO

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    Finally! Woot!!!!

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    The 15th is great unit highly recommend if your going reb.

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    Thread updated for relocation of personnel and reactivation of B company. Congratulations Cpt. Penance!
    Longstreet's I Corps Staff Team

    15th Georgia Infantry XO

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    Thread updated for changes in I Corps and transfer of the 15th Georgia into 1st Brigade. We are still active, reply to this thread with your enlistment information to be recruited and enjoy the I Corps experience!
    Longstreet's I Corps Staff Team

    15th Georgia Infantry XO

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    Thread updated to reflect organizational changes, event times, as well as new unit commander. We are still actively recruiting, reply or message on forums to enlist today!
    Longstreet's I Corps Staff Team

    15th Georgia Infantry XO

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    luv u ace. no homo

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