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Thread: Dear developers. A collection of community suggestions

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    Quote Originally Posted by SouthCarolina View Post
    I would suggest to PLM to create his own unit and lead it according to your dreams and desires instead of looking at what others do wrong or should do or how to deal with public players.
    I would suggest that PLM and the rest move to anoher thread or PM.

    This is no longer a discussion about our suggestions which were collected over months. Our members are interested what the community and the devs think about that but they are not interested in a discussion about a specific person.

    so please respect our work and have this discussion elsewhere.

    thanks  02

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    I apologize Max. I have made my point. I won't be carrying on anymore.
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    2) Melee Improvement: Improved melee combat and animations to finally make melee less repetitive and more skill based. Add a blocking or parry mechanic so combat becomes more engaging and fun and does not like to action figures being banged together.

    At this point, any kind of change to WoR horrific melee system is an obvious must, but I very much doubt that block and parry is it. It's always seemed like CG were aiming for melee to be fast and furious, block and parry is only going to frustrate people because they'll just end up getting shot.

    3) Map Tool: Include a simple map (could even be a sketch) for the Officer class to allow for more planning. Implement simple drawing and writing tools for the officer to enable them to draw out plans etc. for other Officers in their vicinity. Once departed from one another, map updates should only be possible through either a) officers meeting on the field again (if near each other (about 20 meters or so) map will automatically update) or b) a designated courier class that can run between units (similar mechanic to the officer, if in a 20 meters radius around the officer the map will automatically update).

    This belongs in the realm of historic mode, not skirmish.

    4) Shooting Mechanics: If balance concerns permit it, rework the ballistic mechanics and the core shooting experience. Implement the ability to “rest” rifles and muskets on walls and fences to somewhat increase accuracy (it is just unrealistic and weird that someone would crouch behind a low fence and NOT use this advantage).

    In reality, there would be zero benefit to resting your musket on a fence. The only reason you're asking for this is because of weapon sway in the game, and they introduced that specifically to reduce casualties, so I'd say there is zero reason to put this feature in because it defeats the objective of having weapon sway in the first place.

    5) Resupply/Resource system: Implement a resource system other than the ticket system currently in place to enhance gameplay experience and make matches into more than just a simple shootout. For example, add a munitions system which would allow soldiers to collect ammunition from a Munitions Wagon in the rear and carry it to the frontline (e.g. resupply`s in games like Post Scriptum and Squad). This would aid especially the soldier equipped with Springfield 1842 Buck and Ball muskets to have a steady supply of ammunition as in a heated firefight one tends to burn through this ammunition rather quickly. If somehow feasible maybe implement a kind of stretcher bearer system which would allow stretcher bearers to carry wounded soldiers to a rearward drop off zone. A wounded soldier will still respawn, but the ticket loss will be reduced (if wounded in Formation the ticket is not lost, if wounded while skirmishing or out of line the ticket loss should be reduced after a successful recovery by the stretcher bearer). For clarity, we are NOT suggesting a medic class (as seen in the Battlefield Series) which would be running around magically reviving injured and maimed soldiers at will. This would be grossly against the realistic spirit of the game. What we are suggesting is a purely supportive role which would make the Moral/Ticket mechanic more interactive to an extent. By allowing wounded players to be “rescued” by a stretcher bearer we enable units to have a little bit more control over the moral loss of their faction, making the gameplay experience more interesting. A wounded soldier will still have to respawn (at either faction spawn or flag spawn) but the ticket loss will be reduced.

    Another feature for Historic mode, not Skirmish mode.

    6) Ammunition: Enable the common Private/Rifleman to estimate how many cartridges he has left (e.g. by experience of weight maybe (e.g. “this feels like half a cartridge box”). This would interact nicely with the previously suggested ammunition resupply mechanic (which again, we are not suggesting a Battlefield style mechanic, but a soldier being tasked with returning to the rear to bring along extra ammunition in an Arsenal crate as per historical sources. Maybe allow looting corpses of fellow soldiers for some extra ammunition.

    I've never, not once, run out of ammunition in Skirmish mode, and I seriously doubt anyone else has either.

    7) Company Tool: Please, finally implement the Company tool INTO the game, currently there is no reason to use this system as it has no purpose whatsoever in the game. Make it possible to add people in game to the company tool through a simple mouse menu to spare us the awkward nonsense of writing 20 minutes + with someone interested in joining a company until we finally have the applicant in our system. The company was supposed to be the core of the War of Rights community, but the current game design and lack of company tool implementation shows that little regard is payed to them overall in the current stage of the game. This would enable enhanced community functions such as having a distinct company tag automatically implemented when playing the game rather than carrying a cumbersome steam name around our profiles for life as well as having promotions etc. automatically be implemented in game.

    A feature that is so very, very badly needed.

    8) More Units per Skirmish Area: Allow us to have more than 2 active units (on each side) on each skirmish map. The two unit maximum arbitrarily limits and hinders gameplay and strategy as flanking manoeuvres and clever tactics rely on diversion and skirmishing movements, which can only be done through distinct units executing these tasks. Giving us the ability to have 3 or 4 units on the field, each with a flag and officer class would greatly enhance gameplay experience for everyone and would finally make large organized events more fun and enjoyable.

    I agree with this too, with 100 players per side this would field 4 units of 25 men each.....and that definately up's the ante tactics wise.

    9) Officer Spawn: Officers and NCO`s should be prioritized in the spawn que of the Company Flag. A Company without its officer is aimless and leaderless.

    Disagree, Officers and NCO's got killed and wounded in battle, deal with it.

    10) Weapon Selection: Enable the weapon selection system and implement the resource system that will be attached to it (limited numbers of certain weapons etc.) This e.g. would allow us to form distinct skirmisher companies equipped reliably with rifles and lead charges and all out assaults with more appropriate weaponry (e.g. Buck and Ball muskets etc.)

    Nope, keep the historical limitations.

    11) Crouched Movement: Enable players to move while crouched. This should be very slow though as to balance out this ability on the overall battlefield.

    Just simply..... no.

    12) Weapon discharge from the hip: It would be appreciated if a hip fire mechanic would be implemented when in melee mode. This would simulate a frantic and panicked discharge of a weapon shortly before engaging in close quarters combat. Of course, this shot should be inaccurate but at least it gives the player a little bit more control in the battle.

    Yes, and implemented exactly as stated.

    13) Polishing Animations, smoothing out gameplay: Faster animation transitions. Increasing the speed at which the rifle is readied for either melee mode or firing from the shoulder to allow for quick transition and an occasional close quarter shot before engaging in melee. Overall, animation improvement would be appreciated to smoothen the quite rough gameplay at times and make it feel like a game and less like an interactive movie.

    Agree, the transitions are clunky and unrealistic.

    14) Dropping a Flag: It has happened numerous times that a member from another unit (mostly a random player) would pick up the flag belonging to another unit, causing issues with company spawns. We suggest that the flag could be dropped or (maybe in fashion of a Verdun role swap request) could be traded with another Private should the need for this arise.

    Waste of time and resources.

    15) Last Push and Final Stand mechanic: Needs a serious rework as the attackers with unlimited tickets usually carry the day with this mechanic if they don’t act like complete fools. Additionally, forcing every defending player into a tiny restricted area in their Last Stand with 0 reinforcements coming in further facilitates the attacker’s job. Instead of having a glorious last stand it usually becomes a mass execution of the defenders as they have no ability to manoeuvre or really fight back as they have no more resources to throw into the fight and often no where to seek cover or shelter from the onslaught.

    A dreadful, almost universally despised, game mechanic, get rid of it.

    16) Capture Point Mechanic Rework: Defending or attacking the same capture point repeatedly becomes rather stale after a while (considering that certain American event Hosts have tried to disable capture points in their community events kind of proves that point). Instead maybe a frontline mechanic like Verdun, Hell Let Loose etc. would make matches more interesting when they develop an attack, counter attack dynamic, something that is barely possible with the current game design. Alternatively, instead of having the defenders loose instantly once the capture point has been taken give the defending team a limited time window (e.g. 5 minutes or so) for one last counterattack which could turn the tide again. This would make for a tenser gameplay experience. On the other hand, this would solve the absurd situations many attackers and defenders find themselves when attacking the capture point at a late point in the game and loosing the match because the capture point was only captured 99% before the match timer ran out. This is not how War works and should be adjusted as it leads to incredible frustration on both sides. Of course, these additional 5 minutes should also be granted to the Attacking team should the Defenders re-take the point at the end of a match (though this should be the last time this additional time is added to ensure the game does not drag on for too long. On certain maps, maybe the inclusion of more than one capture point (or at least randomized capture points as to avoid the same old battle every time until the larger more historic battle mode releases) would make battles more interesting and engaging and would allow for more tactical variety.

    Capture points are not good in WoR....but number 16 won't change that. The only way is to tie the cap point to the morale system of the defender.

    17) Nerfing Flag camping in buildings: On certain maps, company flags tend to be kept out of sight in buildings. Of course, this is a legit strategy but does impact on the ability to effectively combat an entrenched unit as they receive a steady stream of reinforcement without risking getting shot. Hence, we suggest a spawn timer increase for flags that are encamped in buildings to give attackers a chance to rout out troops from entrenched positions.

    Nope, another pointless mechanic.

    18) Trust in the Community: We are aware and understand that this game is your baby dear developers, but we have only given you love and support since the Kickstarter campaign and believe that we deserve some respect and trust in return for getting you this far. We all want this game to succeed as much as you do as we have invested significant amounts of time and money in this game and the growth of our community. Give us the tools to ensure the longevity of the game. We pay large sums of money for the game servers and would like to have more control over the events that we host. Give us the ability to turn of certain features (e.g. capture points, moral mechanic etc.) so that we can build and create the events that we would like to play. We understand that you want the public to experience the game as you developed it but for a dedicated community that has supported you all this way since day one, the game begins to grow stale simply because of the lack of options and choices in how we can create and design our events. To ensure that the public will experience this game as you intended and developed it (without risks of being unbalanced etc.) we suggest that these custom game modes are only playable on password locked servers. This would give us the freedom to create the events we want and gives you, the developers the tools to ensure that the public does not have to suffer through our three-hour unlimited tickets, no capture points bullshit events. We have been playing this game from its barely working Alpha state up to now and still deal with all the games quirks and issues because we love it and support you. We are in for the long run, help us ensure that we get to stay and experience this amazing game for as long as possible.

    A statement that actually proves you can't, in fact, 'trust' the community. Disabling features in a game that is in developement is both pointless AND counter productive, all that will actually achieve is to lengthen production time.

    19) Bayonet unfix/fix cancel: Please make it possible to cancel the fix/unfix bayonet animations. It would be very much appreciated since often in the heat of the battle it does occur that one presses a wrong button in the wrong moment and stands helplessly when the enemy charges the position.

    Do you want them to fix the slow transition time, or add cancel functions, because obviously one makes the other pointless.

    II) Map/ Exclusion Zone Changes

    1) Exclusion Zones: Certain maps (e.g. Burnside Bridge) have terrible exclusions zones which completely disable any movements on side of the confederacy on the right flank of the map. This being just one example of course, overall please rework the exclusion zones on the maps as they needlessly restrict an already restrictive game mode which limits the enjoyment and their replay value for events significantly.

    You have zero idea why the zones are there, leave it to the experts.

    III) Other/Immersion

    1) Regimental Colours improvement: Implement the ability to “fold” and “unfurl” the Regimental Colours. When advancing through a cornfield (at least currently in Skirmish mode) the unfurled colours are a clear giveaway of a unit’s position, hence stealth and careful planning can be for naught in some situations. This could be “balanced” by not allowing players to spawn at the Regimental flag if it is still in its casing (“folded”).

    Not only pointless, but ahistorical as well.

    2) Officer Stances: Implement the ability to salute without a weapon in hand. Implement more stances for the officer class (as per regulation manual of arms and school of the officer). Make it possible for Officers to salute while on the move.

    Seriously?......just LOL

    3) Graphical fidelity and quality improvements: The poor draw distance has been an issue for quite some time. For most players, it becomes almost impossible to see anything beyond 100 meters as the image is grainy and unclear. If technically possible, clearing up this issue would improve gameplay experience significantly especially for the lowly privates who do not have access to a binocular or field glasses like the officers. Additionally, “low graphic hacks” need to be eliminated. Captains turning down their graphics settings to gain an advantage over the enemy is not acceptable (corn fields and wheat fields do not render at all over long distances making surprise moves through such terrain impossible).

    'Lowly Privates'....LOL. I'm a 'lowly Private' and I can see WELL beyond 100m thanks very much.

    4) Immersive Gore/ Injury system: Implement (as suggested above) wounded soldiers that when hit don`t just die but wiggle, scream and shout (yes, they shout already sometimes but not nearly enough to truly capture the horrors of a civil war battlefield). War is not fun, make sure people understand that when looking at the maimed body of an injured soldiers screaming in agony for his wife and children.

    Enlist.....this isn't meant to be real.

    5) Marching and Movement Sounds: Add proper marching sounds when a company marches in formation or column (or just when soldiers move in general). Banging, metallic rattling etc. (from tin ware, belt buckles and other equipment colliding with each other. Similarly, when marching in column, the famous army cough (caused by kicked up dust) could be an interesting addition to the sound landscape of the game.

    Just a minute ago you were asking for clearer vision, now you're asking for dust, BOY are you confused.

    6) Implementation of Character Creation: It would be appreciated if we would finally be able to design our own character (in the framework of the equipment of our respective unit of course). Additionally, more character variability would be appreciated (it is not uncommon that every Sgt and Corporal look the same).

    This is not an RPG, repeated textures mean less lag in an online game, surely you knew this?

    7) Improved Admin Tool: Admin tool could be improved in numerous ways, primarily though instead of having numbers for weather settings and map choices give us their name in the selection option. The community is tired of swapping maps a hundred times because no one can remember the number for this one specific Harpers Ferry Map. Additionally, make weather changes on the Server instantly apply instead of it taking up to 30 minutes. If we want a battle in the rain…we want to battle in the god damn rain and not wait 30 minutes in the snow.

    Admin tools are, indeed, shockingly bad.

    8) Drill Camp Improvements: Maybe implementing ballistics display on the drill camp (when on the target range a line is drawn from the muzzle of the barrel to the hit target as to make practicing aiming and understanding the ballistic mechanics easier. Similarly, reduce the distance of the Union firing range to the spawn point as a substantial amount of time each drill is wasted marching to the firing range.

    Not sure anyone but you cares a jot about this

    ''I'm here to play an American Civil War era combat game, not Call of Duty with muskets.''.

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    All I know is I hate the abrupt end worse than I hate Last Stand/Final Push.

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    In regards to the last stand/final push ordeal, just get rid of final push. Make both team's end-states be last stand to recreate the idea of the defenders clearing out the last of the attackers or "sallying forth/counter-charging." Give the attacking team 4 minutes to take the point when they go into last stand mode, and if they choose to run and hide and waste time, then the defenders win by default after four minutes. If both teams go into last stand at the same time, then restrict everyone to the point with 2 minutes on the clock.
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    Definitely get rid of final push.

    Make the objectives cap in a few short seconds with counterattacks allowed indefinitely or for X minutes. If the morale shatters, the shattered team stops respawning or spawns twice or three times as slow. The clock does its thing but time is not so critical because you can cap faster. The crazy slow capturing in WoR creates a lot of problems. At present you've basically lost if you aren't firmly in control of the objective with 4 minutes left to capture.

    If it was a very quick objective capture then that wouldn't require the design to tether the shattered defenders to a physical objective because they actually need to hold it at the end of the round.
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    More Admin Control

    When playing within an event at times i may get rubber banding issues or lag spikes during melee and i understand that can be my issue or server issue. But during those times lag can cause a lot of Team killing, or Team Damage. It would be extremely helpful if the server admin has the power to undo temporary bans because i got temporary banned for 6 hours during an event and i wasn't trying to intentionally do team damage during the charge but the computer knows best in this instance so please if we can allow admins control over server bans and such that would be great thank you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by zignago16 View Post
    When playing within an event at times i may get rubber banding issues or lag spikes during melee and i understand that can be my issue or server issue. But during those times lag can cause a lot of Team killing, or Team Damage. It would be extremely helpful if the server admin has the power to undo temporary bans because i got temporary banned for 6 hours during an event and i wasn't trying to intentionally do team damage during the charge but the computer knows best in this instance so please if we can allow admins control over server bans and such that would be great thank you!
    Admins can unban but it requires them to get the steam64 id of the banned person (which is hard to do in the middle of the event) or they need to access the banlist.json file on their servers ftp and delete you from the banlist (this requires them to restart the server and thus end or restart the event)

    TLDR: They have the ability to unban currently it is just a difficult process (not the devs fault) to unban in the middle of an event

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    I believe with the last Nerf to final push it is quite balanced. Especially on larger maps the attackers have about time for one larger coordinated attacks and then alittle time to clear the stragglers . The only imbalance that is present with final push and last stand is that alot of times not all of the defenders get to respawn for Last Stand and this feels kinda cheap. I believe if you die within 30 seconds of Last Spawn going up you should get to spawn. I am also not a fan of how being forced to hold the point on last stand with how small points are in WOR. If the attacker is not in Final push you will always end up just getting shot to death before one giant charge. I would like to see this restriction removed or better yet the last stand area of play for the defender be expanded a bit or alot in some cases. Overall I feel endgame mechanics are needed to keep skirmish mode dynamic and interesting as it is just meant to hold us over until the large Historical Mode comes out which will most likely not have end games events because everything will just already organically be in the game.
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