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Thread: "Murphree Jacket" State of Alabama Issue Jacket

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    "Murphree Jacket" State of Alabama Issue Jacket

    From Adolphus Confederate Uniforms:


    The second surviving Alabama jacket was owned by Thomas M. Murphree, who wore it while a member of Company E, 6th Alabama Infantry. Murphree enlisted in Montgomery, May 15, 1861, and he received the jacket as part of his state clothing issue in August. He wore the jacket until February 1863, and used it at the Battle of Sharpsburg as a pillow to cradle the head of his wounded Colonel, John Brown Gordon. Remarkably, the jacket came with a note from the seamstress who made the jacket, Miss Napp, which Murphree preserved as a keepsake. Murphree was eventually commissioned, appointed as commander of Company H, 57th Alabama Infantry, and served in the Western theater for the remainder of the war.


    (A faithful reproduction of this jacket)

    Apparently this Jacket would have been worn by members of the 6th Alabama Infantry Regiment after being issued them from the state of Alabama while fighting in the Maryland Campaign of 1862.

    Here is an earlier jacket worn by Private John Young Gilmore, Company E, 3rd Alabama Infantry.
    Gilmore enlisted in Mobile, April 23, 1861.


    This jacket would have been originally grey in color and I'd venture to guess that some of the members of the 6th Alabama as well as other Regiments may have still been wearing these during the Maryland Campaign.

    I'd like to see if it may be possible to add these two jackets in for Alabama troops.


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