Hello friends and enemies! I am Capt. Xbwalker of the 3rdUS.B and the Federal Army. I write this message to formerly invite any and all companies/corps to our weekly Wednesday night public event at 8PM Eastern/5PM Pacific.

The server is called "Federal Army - Public Event." All are welcome to come. We just ask that you bring a good attitude and enjoy the game with fellow players. Drama will not be tolerated. This is a chance for different companies to join in on an event but still have access to public players and hopefully give them a good impression of the game. As many of you know, we usually have the server configured as the "New Player Training" server in an effort to help introduce new players to the game without the chaos of pub matches.

If your Wednesday is open and this sounds like something you would like to get in on, add Xbwalker on steam or just reply here and we will make sure you have a spot reserved. The server is 150 size and located on the east coast, so ping should not be an issue. Thanks all!