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Thread: 5th United States Artillery Battery C "Ransom's Battery"

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    5th United States Artillery Battery C "Ransom's Battery"

    5th United States Artillery Battery C "Ransom's Battery"
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    Battle of Antietam

    Battery C, 5th U.S. Artillery
    Captain Dunbar R. Ransom, U.S.A., Commanding.

    (September 16-17, 1862.)

    On the evening of September 16, Battery C, 5th U.S. Artillery came into battery 370 yards east of the Hagerstown Pike and opened fire on a Confederate Battery in the open field west of the Pike and north of the Dunkard Church, causing it to retire. After dark the Battery was withdrawn and bivouacked 75 yards east of J. Poffenbergerís barn.

    On the morning of the 17th, the Battery advanced to a position 205 yards due east of this point and engaged the Confederate Infantry which had made a lodgement in Millerís Cornfield. The Battery was supported by Andersonís and Magiltonís Brigades of Meadeís Division and Gordonís Brigade of the Twelfth Corps. After the repulse of the Confederate advance the Battery retired to its bivouac of the 16th.


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    Disregard This Thread (Battery Disbanded)

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