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Thread: 4th U.S. Battery A [NA] *Recruiting*

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    4th U.S. Battery A [NA] *Recruiting*

    | 4th U.S. Artillery, Bat. A |
    4th U.S. Battery A Is a Artillery/ Infantry unit made for the game War of Rights we are a Semi-Serious/ Casual Unit Hoping to Make a Stand and Preserve the Union

    | What Do we offer |
    We Offer Infantry & Artillery atm but might Expand in the Future

    | Engagements |
    Siege of Yorktown
    Battle of Seven Pines
    Seven Days Battles
    Battle of Savage's Station
    Battle of White Oak Swamp
    Battle of Malvern Hill
    Battle of Antietam
    Battle of Fredericksburg
    Battle of Chancellorsville
    Battle of Gettysburg
    Bristoe Campaign
    Mine Run Campaign
    Battle of the Wilderness
    Battle of North Anna
    Battle of Totopotomoy Creek
    Battle of Cold Harbor

    | Interested in Joining? |
    1. Join the Discord -

    2. Volunteer on the Company Tool -

    3. Add a CO on Steam

    4. Once Volunteered go to #enlistment-channel and do @CO saying you Volunteered & Which Section you Want

    5. Once you have been given roles then your Officially in the Unit Welcome & Enjoy your stay

    == CO ==
    Captain Ben H. Phillips

    CO: 1
    NCO: 0
    Flag Bearer: 0
    Staff: 1

    == CO ==
    1st Lieutenant Starwars
    2nd Lieutenant Bennington

    == NCO ==
    Sergeant Azedi

    == Enlisted ==
    Private First Class G_mill99
    Private First Class Abstract
    Private John Smith
    Private Wallace
    Private Junior
    Recruit Iceman
    Recruit John Williams
    Recruit John W. Sayers

    CO: 2
    NCO: 1
    Enlisted: 8
    Section Strength: 11

    == CO ==
    1st Lieutenant Matt
    2nd lieutenant Damons

    = NCO =
    Corporal Hazard

    = Enlisted =
    Private First Class Overlonder
    Private First Class Pitcan
    Private First Class Woodhull
    Private First Class NedFlanders
    Private First Class Jaxes
    Private First Class Kevin
    Private Mink
    Private Nedji14
    Private Joseph (Joe)
    Recruit CBlanton
    Recruit Insano

    CO: 2
    NCO: 1
    Enlisted: 11
    Section Strength: 14

    Staff: 1
    Artillery Section: 11
    Infantry Section: 14
    Total Strength: 26

    Credit to GeorgiaHound For the Header & Conway on the Icons

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    *Reserved* Took quite a while to set this Up

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    Good Luck Gents, Looks Awsome!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Col_Wesley View Post
    Good Luck Gents, Looks Awsome!

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    Forum Updated new Vid added, New Screenshot, & We are now up to 21 members

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