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Thread: New Community Website

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    New Community Website

    We are creating a platform where you can win prizes by playing your favorite game War of Rights. At you can earn points by winning contests and events then trade those points for prizes like steam gift cards, custom T-shirts and graphics, and even PIZZA!

    We make it easier for you to recruit for your War of Rights Company by providing a one-stop location for you to send potential recruits where they can find step by step instructions and links to your company tools, discord servers, and steam profiles saving you valuable time when stepping each recruit through the process.

    We can create for you dedicated and private groups, forums, landing pages, and other web pages describing your groups, and create special contests geared towards your events.

    This is a free service provided to all members of the War of Rights community, regardless of which, if any, War of Rights group you belong to.

    We only ask that you be respectful of others and have a community-based mentality.

    If you have any questions or would like to take advantage of our services, post here or message me.

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    Did I mention this is FREE? *This website is not intended to replace these forums but is meant to compliment them.

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    I cannot overstress this point: The first groups to step forward and take advantage of our website will be the first ones to be featured on our landing page and will be the ones to have FREE access to our current services.

    The reason why the first ones get to benefit from the free services is that they are helping us build a prototype so that the ones who follow will see and understand the benefits of the website.

    You DO NOT have to be in, or the leader of, a company, regiment, or corps to enter and win our contests, most of them, like winning gift cards, for example, are geared towards individual players. All you have to do is register on our website and then enter a contest. (BTW we are always open to suggestions for contests by our members.)

    But if you are an organized group we want to help y'all.

    We enjoy creating, organizing, and supporting community programs. It adds new value and competition to the games we play and provides physical rewards for winning a competition... LIKE PIZZA.

    Within II-Corps we have the belief that in order for our community as a whole to grow we must have a HAPPY PLACE to compete. We hold no animosity towards ANYONE within this community. We understand that IF War of Rights is going to continue to grow and attract new members, we have to get along and grow together.

    Recruiting in War of Rights can be super frustrating and time-consuming so we would like to offer our services in helping your group grow more easily. Instead of the typical recruitment procedure: 1. Add recruit to steam. 2. Send discord/TS link. 3. Step the recruit through joining CSA or USA on the War of Rights forum. 4. Help the recruit find your Company in the Company tools... etc.

    Now you can simply say "go to"ourgroupname" and follow the instructions."

    We are offering this to the first of y'all to contact us, for FREE, the only obligation is that you register to the website and contact us, you can contact me directly if you like, with the request. For the moment, these services are free for the FIRST ones who decide to take advantage. I don't know when or even if we will ever charge or ask for donations, but honestly, these are valuable features and services, and time-consuming to create, so after the first few groups, we will begin charging "II-Corps Gaming Points" for some of our features.

    Although II-Corps Gaming Points are also free, you will have to win the points in contests and events, perform actions on the website, or tasks for the "Webmaster." You will also be able to win II-Corps Gaming Badges and Awards, some of which will have the ability to be traded in for points.

    RIGHT NOW though it is FREE. So help us, help you, help us.

    Heres what you get to start out:

    A dedicated public landing page for your group, your link will be:"yourgroupname." On your landing page will be a bio of your group, written instructions on how to join, and all of your important links to make it fast and easy for new members to join you.

    Right Now we can also offer you FREE private, by your invite-only, areas for your group.

    We have MANY new features and benefits planned, many of them, like the landing pages, will be offered for FREE to the first ones to request them. All you have to do is be one of the first to ask, and follow through with your end, (i.e send the needed bio info., links, etc).

    On our landing page, we will feature a different group every month. The feature will include a video of the group, filmed by me (also featured on Youtube), a bio, and links to the group's page, and where to join.

    Although currently all of our services, and the II-Corps Gaming Points themselves, are free, and we do not ask for donations for ourselves, from time to time, we will be posting links to charities that we will request donations for. Members are very much encouraged to suggest charities for us to sponsor in this way.

    ...Make A Post.
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    ........What's the point?

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    The fabulous prizes of course.

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    This looks incredibly sketchy.
    The chances are by the time you have finished typing a long response to my post, I have changed half of the original post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McMuffin View Post
    This looks incredibly sketchy.
    How and why? Its free lol.

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    The point is keeping this game alive and having fun.

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    Uh we have been doing that we dont need this website for that lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ben H. Phillips View Post
    Uh we have been doing that we dont need this website for that lol
    Then don't join it lol. I appreciate your comment and respect your opinion.

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