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Thread: The WOR Grand Campaign

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    The WOR Grand Campaign

    The Origin for the War of rights campaign came form an Idea that the IVR had given me. Their Idea was on a smaller scale but laid the foundation for what I made. Thanks to the Idea that they had given me and to what it's turned into.

    The idea evolved into something larger that was meant to bring more depth to war of right. The Campaign is meant to add a strategic level to the game that isn't normally found in it. It is designed in a way that is simple, yet complex.

    I am hoping that this will grow, and bring the community of war of rights closer together. I also hope that the devs see this and use it to make war of rights greater than it is. For the direct future I will focus on improving what I have built, and expanding the players involved

    Infomational video

    In order to have a Brigade piece on the board, you must be able to field 10+ guys

    If you cannot field 10 guys you can fall under a regiment that can. But you must have there permission to do so.

    Each participating regiment must have 3 reps, that can be at the meetings, only one rep needs to show up, but must have at least 3 that can.

    All reps must be able to move the Brigade piece on the board. (Ie. must have the authority to act as their regiments officer if the regiment CO can't show up)

    If your regiment records any of the tabletop, or wor event. He must link the Campaign discord and tag the other participating regiments in the video.

    Be respectful at all times
    No Poaching from other regiments
    No hate speech
    Be inclusive, we're all here to have fun don't ruin someone's day
    Follow the command of the regiment in charge. (ie. the regiment that is engage on the tabletop)
    If you have to play on the other team to balance the game. Don't die purposely. (the other team doesn't need you wasting lives)
    If you wish to invite a new regiment into the campaign plz Clear it with the host.
    If a regiment is unable to attend, you cannot attack their piece on the board.
    If a regiment fails to attend Multiple times they may get removed from the Campaign. (Ie. if the regiment misses a months worth, or only shows up once in a blue moon)
    If there is any drama, or issues between two regiments. The issues must be brought up with the Host as a mediator to keep the peace and help sort the issues.

    If your regiment is interested in joining. Plz add me on steam:

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    Great work on creating this. The idea should be getting A LOT more support.

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