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Thread: Inclusion of First New Jersey Uniforms in game?

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    Inclusion of First New Jersey Uniforms in game?

    Hail there Campfire games,

    A couple months ago, we heard that Crampton's Gap would probably not be added as a part of South Mountain. This alone was immensely disappointing since it was probably the most distinctive action of the 1st New Jersey during the games current timeline, but we understood why it may be impractical to add south mountain for now, due to the immense size of the map. However, we figured it is only fair that the we ask that the 1st New Jersey uniforms be added into War of Rights. The uniforms closest to ours in-game, would be the 1st Delaware, but we are willing to research further to find any distinctions between the two. The 1st New Jersey itself is one of the oldest and active units in the game, and we have patiently anticipated seeing an actual New Jersey unit on War of Rights, and for our state to be represented, as currently, there are no New Jersey Regiments added to the game. We asked TrustyJam in game earlier, and he directed us to the forums to make a request.

    Here is a photograph of a 3rd New Jersey Volunteer. While it is not a member of the 1st New Jersey, we believe it safe to say that the 1st New Jersey has the same uniforms as the 3rd NJ, due to the fact that they were mustered and brigaded together, and on the same month.
    3rd New Jersey.jpg
    Here is as picture of a 1st New Jersey Lieutenant Edward G Brown, recovered from the New Jersey State Archives.
    NJ LT.jpg
    Here is an artistís sketch of the battle of Charles City Crossroads, which depicts the 1st New Jersey Brigade leading the attack.
    NJ attcakc.jpg
    Here is the photo of the 1st New Jerseys US flag, recovered from New Jersey State Archives
    FLag 1.jpg
    Here is the regimental flag (also from state archives):
    flag 2.jpg
    While we understand that currently there are no maps in game that have a significant role of the 1st New Jersey on Antietam or South Mountain, we believe that due to such scenarios already in game such as Nicodemus hill which have taken creative liberties in map design and unit selection, we were wondering if the inclusion of our uniforms would be possible. (even if just in the drill camp)
    2nd Lt. Szalai Mihaly, 1st New Jersey, Company A

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    Time for a Shakashuri Blowdown!

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    Cramptons gap would be perfect for the New Jersey units
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    Cramptons gap would be nice

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    Literally alot of the uniforms that need to be added won't be.

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